New Game Of Thrones season 3 behind-the-scenes video

News Louisa Mellor
16 Jan 2013 - 22:00

See a glimpse of Diana Rigg as Lady Oleanna in this Game Of Thrones season three behind-the-scenes promo...

It's two months and fifteen days (or thereabouts, it's not as if we're feverishly crossing off the days on our Official Game of Thrones™ 2013 Calendar or anything) until season three of HBO's epic fantasy starts in the US, which makes it two months and sixteen days until the UK is allowed back to Westeros.

To pass the time until then, HBO is steadily releasing a series of behind-the-scenes videos, some of which show the season three footage missing from last week's atmospheric teaser trailer.

In this clip? Writer Bryan Cogman talks us briefly through the writing process, and there's the smallest glimpse of Diana Rigg in action as Lady Oleanna, Queen of Thorns...

Winter Is Coming 

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