Game Of Thrones season 3 teaser poster

News Louisa Mellor 15 Nov 2012 - 08:11

A new teaser poster has been released for Game Of Thrones' third season, but we won't lie to you, it's not all that exciting...

Game of Thrones, which begins its third season on the 31st of March 2013, has a world of arresting, surprising characters, locations and images. Direwolves, dragons, epic battles...  You'd have thought then, that this new teaser poster might feature something slightly more exciting than font.

Not to worry, as in the interests of public service, we've taken the liberty to sex the teaser up a little with some of Game of Thrones' legendary nudity. Young, innocent eyes look away now...

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Hodor! Hodor?


Just working my way through the books now and have just caught up to the end of season 2 (I'm just starting book 3).

I'd like to thank the programme makers for bringing the books to my attention and like many commenters before me I was struck by the faithfulness of the first season to the first book and then by how much the second series diverted. Still, brilliantly done though.

March isn't so long away now and I look forward to seeing the more supernatural stuff make it's appearance.

Nothing will beat the promo of Ned sitting lamently on the Iron Throne

Better off with bland posters than posters than contain blatant spoilers like some TV ads. The only thing potentially spoiled here is lunch (thanks Hodor!).

Winter is coming. And so am I.

Leave me to die Eddard!

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