Ciaran Hinds joins Game Of Thrones season 3

News Simon Brew
17 Aug 2012 - 16:31

Game Of Thrones season 3 has found its Mance Rayder...

The third season of Game Of Thrones has hardly been short of new additions to its impressive cast, but the latest name in particular is likely to prick a few ears up.

EW has revealed the identity of the actor set to place the role of Mance Rayder in Game Of Thrones season 3, and it's none other than Ciaran Hinds. Hinds is an actor who, we suspect, needs little introduction, not least for his exceptional turn in Rome. He's another heavyweight addition to a cast that's hardly short on impressive acting talent.

As for the character itself, Mance Rayder is The King Beyond The Wall. He's been referenced in the show so far, but never seen. That's all set to change, though.

More news on Game Of Thrones season 3 as we get it.


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