Game Of Thrones: meet the new season 3 characters

News Louisa Mellor 1 Aug 2012 - 21:32

The new characters of Game Of Thrones season 3 have popped up online to say hello, as has a glimpse of the Riverrun set…

It’s just 241 days until the new currently filming Game Of Thrones season starts on HBO (that’s Sunday March the 31st, 2013 for those of you who didn’t major in maths savantism), so it’s about time we met the actors playing the new characters wouldn’t you say?

Dennis Pennis and Diana Rigg, together at last! Being Human fans may also have recognised Ellie Kendrick as nerdy were Allison (with two ls) from last series' Puppy Love.

If that wasn’t enough to scratch your Thrones itch, a few trout-heavy season 3 set pictures have sprung up, depicting Catelyn Tully’s homeland, Riverrun. Take a look below:


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I love the Reeds - great casting. Ellie (who I remember most as the snarky one from 'An Education') is not how I pictured Meera but I think they'll be great together. And it was about time Mackenzie Crook got in on this.

I always thought the Tulley's got the raw end of the house animal stick. All casting looking good as always though. Can't wait for this season. Specially if they end it where I think they will.

I love this show but they really need to pick up the pace...

Pick up the pace? No they need to make each series twice as long. Then perhaps this made for TV movie wont be remembered as the shiny, ever so pretty HBO pebble, sitting next to the proud Monolith which is the actual written series. Season two was so chock full of wince worthy shortcuts I'm left feeling anything but hope in regards to the next season. It's content felt rushed from episode to episode, which is not fair to the actors, who are doing such a damn fine job.

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