Game Of Thrones season 3 news round-up

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17 Jul 2012 - 08:03

Lots of new casting announcements, a video, and premiere details for Game Of Thrones season 3...

Phew. With the Comic-Con weekend now done and dusted, it's a chance to sit down and take stock of the various Game Of Thrones season 3 announcements that came to light over the past few days. Grab yourself a coffee, and let's get going.

Firstly, then, the next season of the show won't be premiering until the end of March. It's rare to have a date for a TV show teased quite so far in advance, but the next run of Game Of Thrones will kick off on HBO on 31st March 2013. We'd expect Sky in the UK to pick things up the day after.

Next, there's been a lot of casting news arriving, including the inclusion of the wonderful Diana Rigg. Rigg is already confirmed to be appearing in the new series of Doctor Who, but she's also turning in Game Of Thrones season 3 as Lady Olenna Tyrell, the so-called Queen Of Thorns.

Joining her will be Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ellie Kendrick, who will be playing Jojen and Meera Reed, the children of Howland Reed. Then there's Clive Russell (Bryndon Tully), Kerry Ingram (Shireen Baratheon), Tara Fitzgerald (Selyse Baratheon), Paul Kaye (Thoros of Myr), Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion), Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully), Anton Lesser (Qyburn), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane), Philip McGinley (Anguy) and last but not least, Mackenzie Crook (Orell).

As for the shoot itself for season three, it'll see the show on location in Iceland, Croatia and Northern Ireland, and production is taking place a little later this year.

To round things off, HBO premiered a video of the new cast members introducing themselves. And you can see that right here...

We'll have much more on Game Of Thrones in the months ahead...

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