More Game Of Thrones season 3 casting rumours

News Louisa Mellor
9 Jul 2012 - 18:23

More casting news has arrived for Game Of Thrones' third season, with actors potentially cast as Vargo Hoat and Selyse Florent...

Despite HBO keeping schtum on official announcements or confirmations, casting rumours are coming in thick and fast for Game of Thrones' next season. We expect more to follow where these came from, so we'll keep this brief. 

Entertainment Weekly has today picked up on the Mackenzie Crook/Vargo "The Goat" Hoat rumour that did the rounds last week, and is tentatively reporting Crook's attachment to the part.

EW has also heard that Waking the Dead's Tara Fitzgerald is in the running for the part of Selyse Florent, wife to Stannis Baratheon and the woman who introduced Stannis to Melisandre's religion. Those who've read the books will know that Selyse isn't exactly famed for her good looks, so if Fitzgerald does take the part, it will either be another departure between the series and source material, or some prosthetics are in order.

If confirmed, Fitzgerald will be the on-screen mother to Shireen Baratheon, played by young Kerry Ingram whose most recent role has been on stage in the Tim Minchin/Dennis Kelly adaptation of Matilda.


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