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2 Jul 2012 - 08:55

Two new roles, one male and one female, have been assigned for Game of Thrones season 3…

We can expect a steady trickle of casting news for the third season of Game of Thrones to come our way over the next few weeks, as names are slowly ticked off the list of new characters arriving in season three.

First up is the man behind Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully, uncle to Catelyn, Lysa, and Edmure, and younger brother to Lord Hoster Tully. Brynden appears in the first book of George R.R. Martin’s series, but has been kept off screen until the TV show’s third season.

The actor to play him? Familiar face (if not name) on TV and film, Clive Russell, most recently seen in the BBC’s Casualty and both Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films. The 66-year-old Scottish actor will be campaigning with great-nephew Robb Stark (Richard Madden) as skilled fighter Brynden in the new season.

Next comes news that relative newcomer Charlotte Hope is to play a character named Myranda in season three. That could either mean one of three things: 1) that the first appearance of Myranda Royce, noblewoman and daughter to Lord Nestor Royce, is being fast-tracked from book four to season three, 2) that Hope will be playing an entirely new character, or 3) she’s to be a version of Mya Stone, the guide who accompanies Catelyn Stark on the treacherous path up to the Eyrie in book one.

Update: Noises are also being heard about The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Mackenzie Crook having joined the show in some capacity, in addition to The Tudors' Sarah Bolger and Hollyoaks' Nathalie Emmanuel, but we'll wait to see what's confirmed.

With the Game of Thrones ComicCon panel imminent, watch this space for more news on the next season.

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