Game Of Thrones: George W. Bush severed head apology

News Louisa Mellor 14 Jun 2012 - 08:01

Game Of Thrones creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have been taken to task for putting a prosthetic of George W. Bush’s decapitated head on a spike in season 1…

Anyone who listened to the Game Of Thrones season 1 Blu-ray and DVD commentary (or who read our feature on the 46 things we learnt from it) will remember showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss revealing a good many of the show’s secrets. Dany’s horse heart? Made from dried pasta and tasted like bleach. Winterfell’s Godswood pool? Filled with black paint. And that severed head on a spike to the left of Septa Mordane’s? George W. Bush in a wig.

“It’s not a political statement,” said Benioff in their defence, “…we just had to use what heads we had lying around.” That wasn’t explanation enough for the Republican leaders who have taken the news less than kindly, forcing the showrunners and HBO to issue apologies promising to have the image (below) removed from any future DVD production.

HBO called the use of Bush’s head as “unacceptable, disrespectful and in very bad taste”, classifying it as an “inadvertent careless mistake”. Benoiff and Weiss maintain it was an oversight due to their need to rent prosthetics in bulk to keep up with the amount of dismembering and decapitation required by the show and that “We meant no disrespect to the former President”.

So if you’re the proud owner of season 1 discs featuring the decapitated head of the former leader of the free world, we'd advise you to keep hold of it, one day you may have a rarity on your hands.


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I have Season 1 on Blu-Ray \:D/ Woot!

It was an 'oversight'...sure. It was hilarious. Gunning for Santorum's in the next series.

What a shame they never used the real one.

This comment is typical of the so-called 'tolerant' Left, so you approve of the decapitation of politicians whose policies you disagree with, do you?  Grow up dude...

Dude I think Dark Jedi was joking - I don't think he was condoning actually decapitating the guy

And you know this how exactly?  His statement sounded pretty serious to me, if he had been talking about Obama, there would be people on here accusing him of racism by default...

And you are a killing machine yourself right , as your name implies

What cobblers! I imagine the number of people who spotted that (without it being pointed out to them) would be tiny. Heck, I'm staring at the picture above and it STILL doesn't look like Bush. Kate Bush perhaps, but not GW.

Tolerance isn't the sole province of the left, but it appears that humour is. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that it's not Dubya's head - I can exclusively reveal it to be the head of the keyboard player from 70's prog legends Van Der Graff Generator. The real head.

They shouldn't apologise for anything. It was a joke at worst. Big deal so some prop head likeness was used. So what.

Republicans are known for their sense of humour.......

Next thing you know, William Shatner will be demanding that Michael Myers mask be digitally removed from all future releases of Halloween for using his likeness.

Lighten up Francis.

Given that Ned Stark and Septa Mordane were the good guys, I agree that it's offensive. Bush's head should be nowhere near theirs. He's more of a Frey or a Bolton man.

LOL! WAAAAAAAAA! That's the sound of the whiney Rightwing crying into their hypocritical hatebags. Pull the stick from your ass. The legacy Dubya and his Klan left us with deserves nothing less than our utmost disrespect. --Sincerely, Humanity

So, when can we expect an apology from the Republican Party for 2001-2008?

I'm thinking he's more like if Hodor served the Lannisters....

It seems like the Republicans have hired someone to go through every DVD release frame-by-frame, looking for things they could take the slightest offence to. Woahly hell...

"The legacy Dubya and his Klan left us with deserves nothing less than our utmost disrespect"

And what Klan was that then, his two BLACK Secretaries of State, his HISPANIC Attorney General, his ASIAN Transport Secretary, enlighten me here!? And let's look at his legacy; 42 unbroken months of economic growth during wartime, 50 million liberated in Afghanistan and Iraq, 1.5 million Africans saved through AIDS/HIV prevention programs, I'll take Dubya's legacy and hold it against ANY world leaders of your choosing for the last century...

No apology required, that's why the American people swept the Republicans back to power in a landslide last November, or didn't you notice...?

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