Game Of Thrones season 2 to get extended final episode

News Simon Brew 29 May 2012 - 06:34

Game Of Thrones season 2 might be ending. But Valar Morghulis will at least be a little longer...

It feels like we were waiting so long for Game Of Thrones season two, and yet next week, it all comes to an end. Then, we'll have to start the long wait for season three. It's going to make it feel like a very long year. Bah.

Still, HBO is serving up an extra treat for the final episode of season two, Valar Morghulis. It's been announced that the episode is to be an extended one, running to an extra ten minutes so as to be able to squeeze everything in. Truthfully, we could have happily taken an extra hour, but we'll take anything we can get.

Our review of the 70-minute long Game Of Thrones finale will be with you next Monday.

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+1 for the extra hour :)

Only ten minutes?! I'll take it... It's going to be a long... Hang on -- when will season three be screened? Are they only making one season per year? I'm tempted to start reading the books if I have to wait too long...

I'd recommend the books anyway! They really do add to your enjoyment and understanding of the show. Plus, they're fantastic anyway. And all the time reading them you're just like "Holy crap, this'll be amazing on TV!"

i vote for 8 episodes every 6 months

I do wonder how this can work, what with all that's left to tie up from book two. That said, the producers did say how they'd be moving stuff from book three into the series and pushing stuff from book two into series three to be more in keeping with the chronology of the whole story. I have faith it'll work. They haven't done too much wrong yet!

You make a convincing argument, sir! But I have a couple of friends who have read the books but were disappointed by the casting of several characters. And there's less nudity is the books, apparently...

If you mean that there are fewer illustrations of boobs in the books than there are boobs on screen, you'd be right...But they are in places far lewder, cruder and ruder if that's what you're after. 
In terms of the casting, there are a few notable issues - in particular Tyrion, who is a relatively good-looking actor playing a character who is occasionally referred to as a gargoyle in the books. Similarly Brienne the beauty is a lot more attractive on-screen than is described. They've also aged Robb and Jon to make their inevitable sex scenes more PC. 

My friends told me the very same thing about Brienne, who is apparently far uglier and larger in the book. As for the nudity, it was said in jest. There's an ocean of porn on the net if that is what a viewer should seek, but I found a lot of that used in the TV series was wholly unnecessary (the naked Hodor scene -- what was that about?!)

All in all, GOT is perhaps the best show on TV. I rank it up there with The Sopranos, The Shield and the older seasons of Dexter. What worries me is my giving in to the temptation of reading the books might spoil my enjoyment of the TV series, which I have grown to love.

Yep, Brienne is definitely a lot more feminine in the shows than in the books, as I think it'd be hard for audiences who were drawn in to the show alone (with no prior knowledge of the books) to emphathise with her as freakish as she is. Similarly, Dany's hair is all burnt off when she walks into the fire at the end of Book/Series 1, but that would put rather a nasty blot on the show's totty rating (though Emilia Clarke would look good either way). 
Well you'll be glad to know that naked Hodor is not described to anywhere near as much detail as he is shown in the series, so it might appeal to you more on those grounds alone! I think the series has definitely ramped up the sex factor on the whole based on the way the narrative goes (such as the scene between Robb and his Volantian girl, which is only implied in the book) but certain characters have had their stories along those lines considerably tamed to give way to their more admirable/PC actions (Tyrion in paticular). 
I still say give the books a go!

Haha, okay, I think you've swayed me. Hopefully my aforementioned friends will lend me the boxset... :)

i did all the audio books last summer and fall. it was epic books 2 and 3 are close to 60 hours each. they are epic in detail and just ^%&%#@ Amazing

They've aged all of the characters in the TV show - by about 2 years... TBH, I thought Brienne was well done in the show, considering the actress who plays her. Tyrion is certainly getting nicer treatment in terms of wounds than he does in the book by the look of it...
Unfortunately, s2 has been disappointing by comparison to s1 as it's departing significantly from the book - still one of the best things on TV though!

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