More Futurama On The Way?

News Cameron K
19 Feb 2009 - 11:18

Billy West reveals that the DVDs may have persuaded FOX to un~cancel the show for TV.

The voice of Fry, Zoidberg and Professor Fransworth, Billy West, revealed some exciting news for Futurama fans at the recent Anime Supercon.

At the event earlier this month in Florida, West told an audience: "They [Futurama DVDs] sold so well that Fox started making noises about maybe doing a sixth season for television."

The voice~actor, who has also voiced Bugs Bunny and Ren & Stimpy, went on to add, "I'd love that, I'd absolutely love that."

After being canceled by Fox in 2003 Futurama has gained new life in four straight~to~DVD releases which have been split and broadcast as a sixteen episode "fifth" season.

The final DVD release of the run, Into The Wild Green Yonder, hits the UK on the 23rd February.

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