Once Upon A Time creators on Frozen's Elsa

News Louisa Mellor 30 May 2014 - 07:32

Elsa from Frozen is now part of the Once Upon A Time world. Here are Once's creators on their plans for the character...

After that tricky diner family reunion scene, the final moments of Once Upon A Time's third season took us to a barn in which a familiar character from Disney's highest grossing film ever materialised and started letting it go all over the hay bales.

Frozen's Elsa will be part of the Once ensemble for season four, but what treatment will the character receive at the hands of Once Upon A Time's creators? 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis assured fans that "this is Elsa from Frozen", not Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen. "We really really loved the movie and the benefit of being owned by Disney is that we get to take the toy off the shelf and play with it. Will there be our own elements put to it? Yes. Like we do with Snow White or Peter Pan or Captain Hook, we take our own kind of twist on it but remaining faithful to the actual essence of the character. For us, we felt that Frozen had a way that could slot into our universe that could honour the movie and also make it a part of our world."

How far along are they in the casting process for Elsa? "Today is day two of season four, so we're nowhere" was the first answer, though Horowitz assured fans, "We are starting our search". Time for a round of dream casting in the comments section. Let's start things off with the completely-unobtainable-but-wouldn't-she-be-great Elizabeth Olsen...

Entertainment Weekly

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I would have preferred something closer to the Snow Queen, actually.

Definitely Elizabeth Olsen, she looks closest to Elsa's CGI version aside from and even more so than Kristen Bell and that other girl from Glee

Me too, maybe Henry could have taken the place of the child she kidnaps?

Me too. The movie is too new to be re-written.

So who ever played the back of Elsa in the final moment of the season finale isn't who will play Elsa? Well, that's a bummer. I liked that back.

Me three. The original story is awesome.

I think Natalie Dormer would be a wonderful Elsa. Too bad she's probably too busy with Game of Thrones...

And Frozen was based on the Snow Queen, so why couldn`t they just name her Elsa and then base her more on the Snow Queen

I haven't really seen much of Once, but it'll be intresting if Anna is one of the fairy tale characters who have been 'rejigged' for our universe - perhaps in her new life, she never saw her sister? Given Anna's empathy for others and her determination, perhaps she's a psychologist in our world. Elsa is slave to some malovent force which threatens both Anna and Arendale if she doesn't go along with it's wishes and sees her sister ever week under the pretext of dealing with her difficult childhood and self-acceptance. Kristoff is also aiding Elsa, believing this is the best way to protect Anna, but still feels the loss of his girlfriend who now no longerk knows who he is, Sven turns up in human form (well, the show has had animals to humans) as a scruffy young man who attempts to lead Kristoff on the right path and ends up on the side of the Once team.

I'd be happy as long as
1. They don't kill her
2. She doesn't kill anyone else.

ohhhhh yeaaaah I'm on your team!

Rebecca Ferguson (The White Queen) would be brilliant. She does cold and regal very well.

Dianna Agron!!!

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