From Dusk Till Dawn renewed for season 2

News Louisa Mellor 27 Mar 2014 - 06:44

Robert Rodriguez' From Dusk Till Dawn TV series will return for a second season...

When Robert Rodriguez said his From Dusk Till Dawn television show was the novel to the 1996 original film's short story, he must have meant the first novel in a sequence, because El Rey has green-lit a second series of the cop/vamp thriller, due to arrive in 2015.

The network calls the blood-splattered show a "recurring and memorable franchise that speaks to our audience and allows us to break away from the noise of the competition".

Thirteen brand new episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn will air on El Rey next year, an additional three to the first season run. The episodes will also be made internationally available on Netflix after their US premiere.

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Can I ask why this show isn't being reviewed by you guys?

Hi, just lack of man-power I'm afraid. We'll cover it in some form, eventually!

Please do because it ain't that bad. I've seen the first 2 eps that are available on Netflix and it's not bad and does stretch the whole plot nicely. The actors are a good fit to the role, and the chap playing Seth Gecko (the Clooney role) has moments when he produces a spot on impression of Clooney (although that can be distracting).
And let's face it, any show with Robert Patrick is improved automatically.

Can't say I was very enthused by the series. I watched the first two episodes, and while it's perfectly okay in an "it's not so boring you can't watch it" kind of way, it just feels terribly unnecessary. All it's doing is re-writing Tarantino's script and filling in non-existent holes to bulk up the running time.

The first episode, for example, takes the excellent opening 10 minute sequence from From Dusk Till Dawn and stretches it out to 45 minutes with more characters and more unnecessary backstory (do we really need to see them robbing the bank?). D.J. Cotrona's performance, too, is really frustrating. I understand him channelling Clooney for Seth Gecko, but there's a difference between channelling and imitation. He's just trying to be Clooney, movement for movement, word for word, and it's annoying.

So, there are some interesting things going on - Robert Patrick is great as Jacob and the road vendetta plot promises to be quite exciting - but the whole thing really just feels like watching the film with the slow down button hit. In fewer words, I don't think I'll be going back to it.

How else would you propose to adapt it for TV without extending out the film's original scenes or back stories?

I don't propose it, that's sort of my point. I know they have to expand in order to make a series, but the whole things just seems a bit unnecessary.

Stop watching pretty little liars then...

And yet we get the excretable Helix reviewed in depth each week. While those reviews are amusing, I think you guys need to be prepared to say 'you know what, this show is so bad we're going to stop reviewing it' and free up the manpower for other shows.

I and I am sure a league of others would be happy to review the show for the site.

hell yeh love this show bring on season 2

I love the show, but what I'm worrying about is what if season two is going to be about the characters in the second Dusk Till Dawn movie rather than the continuation of Seth and Richie's story?

Please, El Ray, don't make season two's leads anyone other than Seth and Richie, they two are the main appeal to the show.

i hope scot is still in it and will not be a (vampire)rebel just leave him as a vampire that is good for once

dont center to much around the titty bar
show us free vampire life,scot who goes to school or somthing as a vampire (gay)kid
the sister who is afaid of him but loves him to much so she will take care of him

at night scot is a vampire/demon slayer :)hunting his own kind out of revance for his turning and fathers dead.

make the brothers the lead,and working with scot a scooby gangisch
there not good not evil just right.

we dont need a true blood 2.0

but i love the first season and the effects are amazing !!!!!!!!best i have seen in any tv show

just hope they wont let scot and other players from the first season die or be second leads

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