Are we set to get Fringe season 5?

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17 Apr 2012 - 07:22

As it's revealed that two different endings have been filmed for Fringe season four, is this the end of the show, or is there more around the corner?

There’s been a sense this season that the excellent Fringe may have been coming to the end of its time. So complex has its narrative become, that it feels like a show playing to its sizeable home support now (with little tolerance for latecomers), but whether that’s enough to get a fifth season commissioned is up for debate. And D-day for the show is imminent.

To be fair to Fox, which has taken more than its fair share of stick for its handling of genre shows over the years, its commitment to Fringe has been admirable and appreciated. It would have surprised few, for instance, had it pulled the plug last year, but here we are now, as the show heads towards the end of its fourth season. It's also heading there without pandering or dumbing down, making it one of the most interesting genre shows in recent times as a result.

In keeping with the mysteries of the show, it was revealed last week that two different endings for season four have been shot, and there’s a sense being conveyed in interviews that the storyline itself it being wrapped up, or at least being left in a position where it wouldn’t feel unnatural to end the show.

But might Fringe yet have more in the tank? Were it a straightforward decision before Fox, then it could have cancelled it some time ago, after all. Yet there’s still hope.

For starters, Joshua Jackson has told TV Line that “the door to the fifth season is opened in episode 19”, which loudly suggests that there’s a plan to take the show forward.

Furthermore, showrunner Joel Wyman has been keeping people updated via his Twitter feed, and he’s revealed that a decision on the show’s future is imminent. We might even found out today – the 17th April – whether the show has another season run.

Fox may decide to do a shorter season five, to bring in a new partner, or to straight-out commission a fresh run. It’s looking less likely that it’ll abandon the show altogether, although it does feel like tempting fate suggesting that. But Fringe’s ratings – which aren’t massive, but might be enough – and the ongoing, loyal and loud fan support of the show may just win it another year. Here's hoping.

As soon as we know, we’ll let you know…

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