Friday The 13th series coming to TV

News Ryan Lambie 25 Apr 2014 - 06:30

The slasher genre's Jason Voorhees is heading to our televisions, as a Friday The 13th series is announced...

Sean S Cunningham's 1980 slasher Friday The 13th spawned a staggering 10 sequels, a Freddy Vs Jason spin-off movie before concluding with a poorly-received remake in 2009.

It's now been announced that Sean S Cunningham is set to executive produce a Friday The 13th TV series, which, in classic franchise tradition, will be set at the infamous Crystal Lake summer camp. But, in a slight twist to the usual slasher format, the series will take place over different time periods, as well as delve into the back story behind Jason Voorhees'  family.

This isn't the first series to carry the Friday The 13th name - there was one back in the late 80s - but it is the first to feature the crazed, supernatural killer Voorhees and his lakeside exploits. Writers Bill Basso and Jordu Shell are in charge of the script, which Cunningham says will "expand on the storylines that have already thrilled millions worldwide."

We quite like the idea of some regular adventures from the man in the hockey mask, and - we're guessing - we may be seeing quite a lot more from his angora-sweater-wearing mother, too. What this means for the Platinum Dunes-produced Friday The 13th sequel set for 2015, we're not yet sure.

More news on the Friday The 13th series as we get it.


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This is going to suck. What can the shows explore that 10 movies couldn't?

I bet somebody saw Bates Motel and thought 'hey, we could do that with Voorhees!'.

You should see the 80's series...#uberbad

Oh I did. That sucked too.

He's back the man behind the mask

They aired it on the Horror Channel for a time - might still do. It's running through the old Dr Who's now.

It's such a shame they did such a bad job with the Friday the 13th reboot... and Nightmare on Elm Street. I don't mind films being remade (the original will always exist), but I hate it when they do it with no imagination and just turn out generic trash.

The 80s series wasn't that bad - many of the elements in it pre-dated Warehouse 13 - but that it suffered from the attached franchise name.

Loved that 80's series - used to be on at stupid o'clock on ITV. Nothing at all to do with the films.

Yes and I'm really pissed that the cable company I have doesn't freaking have the Horror Channel. But I've seen enough of the classic series so it's okay.

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