Channel 4 orders Fresh Meat series 3

News Louisa Mellor 23 Nov 2012 - 11:16

Superb C4 sitcom Fresh Meat's second series concludes next week, but never fear, it's coming back...

Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain fans have plenty to rejoice about this weekend. Not only does this Sunday see the triumphant return of Peep Show, now in its eighth series, but university sitcom Fresh Meat has just been recommissioned for its third.

Channel 4 has yet to confirm the commission, but Jack Whitehall (Fresh Meat's resident posho JP) let slip in a recent Shortlist interview, that "We've just had a third series commissioned, so that's great. I don't know how many they plan to do, but I love doing it." The British Comedy Guide reports that all of the main cast are expected to return for the third season, which is likely to be on our screens next autumn. 

British Comedy Guide

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great! I love this (certainly more than Peep Show) and will be more than happy to see it return.

Love the series, but I hope Josie doesn't return, her story ended. The writer should bring in some new fresh meat to the house.

no I hope Josie's coming back, I want her and King to be together

i love this show! PLEASE bring it back! all it needs is a little publicity and it will be so popular. i live in the us and i've shown it to a bunch of my firends and we're all obbsessed! bring it back!


i want josie to come back but less annoying...she must be with kings!

I really think making her less annoying would be changing her character to much.Being annoying is part of character.

Yay! One of my favorite shows! My mum saw Josie when she was shopping once.

Yayy it's coming back!! That's so rape

the shows brilliant, only seen it on accident on series one. been hooked since just finshed series 2 on 4 od. none of my friends new about it but they do now and the same reaction as me, need more publicity

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