ABC confirms Flash Forward and V return dates

News Simon Brew
7 Dec 2009 - 06:14
TV series returns: V & FlashForward

We’ve got quite a bit of time to wait before we see V and Flash Forward back on our screens…

For ABC's FlashForward and V, it's been a tale of two series. Both have been having their ratings challenges, but while the critical response to the former has dwindled, in the case of V it's left things on a cliffhanger we can't wait to see resolved.

However, if you're a fan of either show, you're in for a wait.

ABC has been working out its schedules, and in order that it's able to broadcast the remaining episodes of both shows with no interruption, it'll be restarted FlashForward from 4th March. And then V? We've got an even longer wait, as we're not getting the next episode of that until 30th March. Bah.

We'll resume our reviews of both shows once they restart...

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