Firefly producer Tim Minear ponders limited series return

News Louisa Mellor
14 Feb 2014 - 09:23

It must be that time of year again, one of the Firefly team has been interviewed about the possibility of bringing it back...

To be boringly clear, the key quote in Entertainment Weekly's recent interview with Firefly and American Horror Story's Tim Minear has to be the following:

"I must ask if there has ever been any actual talk of bringing [Firefly] back in recent years?

Minear: No one has talked to me about it. Joss [Whedon] and I had discussed at some point some kind of spinoff, but that was maybe eight years ago."

Now that bubble's been burst, on to the fun, speculative bit. In the same interview, Firefly producer Minear showed support for bringing the sci-fi western back to television, saying he "would never foreclose the possibility". 

"In terms of getting the band back together to make a new adventure, who knows?" Minear continued, "I would love it. It would be great. But first everybody has their respective projects that limits them from crossing over into other things. It’s just trying to coordinate everybody’s obligations so they could somehow participate."

When questioned on what form a return to Firefly could take, Minear cited American Horror Story and Sherlock as event television that have taken a new approach to storytelling on the small screen. "It doesn't have to be thirteen episodes [...] "A limited series would do very well, I bet". We'd have to agree...

Read the interview in full at Entertainment Weekly here.

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