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How online streaming is changing TV storytelling

Joseph Russell Feature Oct 8, 2015

Binge-watching and no ad-breaks aren't just making TV more convenient, they're changing the ways television's stories are told...

Autumn 2015 new TV: The Last Kingdom BBC Two air date confirmed & more

Louisa Mellor Feature Oct 7, 2015

Don’t want to miss the autumn start dates for Arrow, The Flash, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and more? Then step this way…

32 movies currently being turned into TV shows

Simon Brew Rob Leane Feature Oct 5, 2015

Lethal Weapon's in-development telly show brings our list of film-to-TV adaptations up to a whopping 32...

Shuki Levy: the soundtrack to a generation

Adrian Mackinder Feature Oct 5, 2015

We celebrate the man behind the themes to He-Man, M.A.S.K., Mysterious Cities Of Gold and Ulysses 31...

Doctor Who series 9: geeky spots in Under The Lake

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Feature Oct 3, 2015

Toby Whithouse's Under The lake is packed with references, from a 7th Doctor story through to Star Trek. Here's what we spotted...

Red Dwarf, and the movie that never was

Craig Thomas Feature Oct 2, 2015

A Red Dwarf movie was announced in 2000, and news on it would follow for years afterwards. So: what happened?

Xena: Warrior Princess - an episode road map

Andrew Younger Feature Oct 2, 2015

Have you always meant to catch up on Xena: Warrior Princess but don't have the time for 134 episodes? This may help...

Why Syfy's Dark Matter is well worth your time

Mark Pickavance Feature Oct 1, 2015

Syfy space opera Dark Matter caught many off-guard with just how interesting its first season became. Here's why you should watch it...

You, Me And The Apocalypse: funny, clever, and well worth your time

Louisa Mellor Feature Sep 30, 2015

Rob Lowe and Pauline Quirke, together at last! Sky One's You, Me And The Apocalypse has that and plenty more to recommend it…

The Muppets: thoughts on the boycott protest

Brendon Connelly Feature Sep 30, 2015

Brendon responds to claims that ABC's The Muppets "gets everything wrong" about the Henson Oz creations, and the boycott call...