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UPDATED: 25 movies currently being turned into TV shows

Simon Brew Feature Oct 22, 2014

And they keep coming: our latest update adds Bachelor Party to the mix...

Is Atlantis series 2 really meaner and moodier?

Louisa Mellor Feature Oct 21, 2014

The word from Atlantis is that series 2 is much darker and less silly than the first. Here’s our spoiler-free look at episode 1…

Revisiting Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Andrew Leyland Feature Oct 20, 2014

Andrew time travels 35 years back to revisit the theatrical release of the Buck Rogers In The 25th Century film...

Doctor Who series 8: everything we know about Missy so far

Andrew Blair Feature Oct 18, 2014

As Doctor Who series 8 draws towards its end, Andrew ticks off everything we've learned about Michelle Gomez's character, Missy, so far.

The TV shows that owe a debt to The Wonder Years

Louisa Mellor Feature Oct 17, 2014

Now that it’s finally been released on DVD, we look at the TV shows that built on The Wonder Years’ foundations…

Looking back at The Avengers

Alex Westthorp Feature Oct 14, 2014

Alex pays a fond return revisit to 1960s classic TV series, The Avengers...

The lessons Gotham can learn from Smallville

Phoebe-Jane Boyd Feature Oct 13, 2014

As Gotham premieres in the UK, Phoebe-Jane considers what the show can learn from long-running superhero prequel, Smallville...

Doctor Who: is the pure historical a thing of the past?

Alex Westthorp Feature Oct 10, 2014

Alex treks through Doctor Who's long past of pure historical episodes and asks whether they have a future in the current era?

Looking back at Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct

Kyle McManus Feature Oct 9, 2014

To mark the 20th anniversary of Space Precinct, Kyle takes a walk down Demeter City's memory lane to explore the show's highs and lows…

Doctor Who: why care about scientific plausibility?

Andrew Blair Feature Oct 8, 2014

Doctor Who has long glossed over scientific logic for storytelling reasons, says Andrew. Why complain about implausibility now?