Falling Skies renewed for season 3

News Simon Brew 12 Jul 2012 - 07:34
Falling Skies

Get ready for another ten episodes of Falling Skies, as it’s announced that season three has been ordered…

At a time when new sci-fi and genre series are struggling a little to even get past a first season, one of the quiet successes has been Falling Skies. Okay, maybe not that quiet – this is a Steven Spielberg-backed project after all – yet it’s still a show whose future at one point appeared a little cloudy.

It turns out, though, that Falling Skies is surviving where others have failed. And now the news has come through that, off the back of solid ratings, TNT has ordered a third season of the show.

In the US, apparently, the show is ranked as basic cable’s top summer drama with adults aged between 18 and 49, and outside of the US Falling Skies continues to earn a solid audience. As such, a ten episode season three has now been confirmed.

It’ll be interesting to see if the new, upcoming batch of genre shows will fare as well…

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Makes me wonder what would have happened if TNT got Fringe instead of Fox

I just discovered this a couple of days ago by chance. I have downloaded and watched the entire first season this week. Its pretty good! If a bit American apple pie family in places. The scripts are ok and it does not have a dull episode at all in the first season. Pope one of the characters is a bit like Sawyer from Lost but other than that its a good watch, the aliens look different enough to be original too. Its way better than V which I tuned out on towards the end of season 1. Its better than Outcasts (lets face it, playschool was better than Outcasts) and its better than Terra Nova and Stargate Universe and Alcatraz....I suppose I just like Alien Invasions, I like the whole hide and run and scavenge what you can and fight like a guerrilla army vibe. I have now started watching season 2. So its good news we will get season 3, and its not been cancelled before it gets off the ground. The second season opener shows they have spent yet more money on it as its audience and success has grown. I promised myself I would not start watching any new American shows until they got renewed for at least another season, after the crapfest of Terra Nova and Alcatraz etc....

Good for our side. Love this show. Too bad so many sci fi shows have disappeared from our screens. Give me a channel of re-runs of BSG, SG, Farscape, St and the like and they would have a core of loyal viewers!

really wanted to like this show but the absurdly cheesy morals and the absolutely non-risky approach just ruined to me. Good 20 years ago but not nowa

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