Amazon UK premiere for space thriller Extant

News Louisa Mellor
29 May 2014 - 06:35

Just one day after the US broadcast, Extant will be available to UK viewers on Amazon Prime Instant Video...

Our US chums can start watching space thriller Extant on CBS from July the 9th, and now we in the UK can follow suit on July the 10th, Amazon Prime Instant Video subscriptions willing.

The online streaming service, previously known as Lovefilm, has secured the UK rights to the Steven Spielberg-produced series, and is 'doing a Netflix' by (as the latter did with the final episodes of Breaking Bad) making it available in Blighty just hours after its US broadcast.

Halle Berry stars in Extant as an astronaut who returns from thirteen months isolated in space... not alone. It's CBS' attempt to repeat the ratings success of last year's glossy high-concept summer sci-fi, Under The Dome.

Come back in July for our weekly episode reviews.

Read more about Extant on Den Of Geek, here.

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