CBS renews Elementary for season 3

News Simon Brew
13 Mar 2014 - 18:20

Elementary, The Good Wife and Hawaii Five-0 lead a bunch of show renewals from CBS...

CBS has announced the renewal of a bunch of shows for new season runs, including the usual suspects of CSI and NCIS. But also, a couple of dramas that catch our eye have earned a renewal as well. So there's Person Of Interest, the increasingly impressive The Good Wife and Hawaii Five-0.

And then there's the point of this story: that CBS' contemporary Sherlock Holmes show, Elementary, has been renewed for season 3. Given the opposition to Elementary in the build up to its original broadcast, the show has proven to be a good critical and commercial hit. Fears of it being a Sherlock cash-in/rip-off/bandwagon jumper have long since been allayed.

Elementary season 3 will debut later this year. The rate it's going, it's all set for a season 4 order this time next year...

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