CBS renews Elementary for season 3

News Simon Brew 13 Mar 2014 - 18:20

Elementary, The Good Wife and Hawaii Five-0 lead a bunch of show renewals from CBS...

CBS has announced the renewal of a bunch of shows for new season runs, including the usual suspects of CSI and NCIS. But also, a couple of dramas that catch our eye have earned a renewal as well. So there's Person Of Interest, the increasingly impressive The Good Wife and Hawaii Five-0.

And then there's the point of this story: that CBS' contemporary Sherlock Holmes show, Elementary, has been renewed for season 3. Given the opposition to Elementary in the build up to its original broadcast, the show has proven to be a good critical and commercial hit. Fears of it being a Sherlock cash-in/rip-off/bandwagon jumper have long since been allayed.

Elementary season 3 will debut later this year. The rate it's going, it's all set for a season 4 order this time next year...

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They have a really good syndication deal so it will almost definitely get a season 4 as well.

Did Season 2 end up improving? I liked the first season, but by the time I got to the break in the second season I had started to get annoyed with it. JLM was consistently brilliant, but everything else for that season (that I watched up to, at any rate) was trite.

This show is brilliant! It should definitely go on for as long as possible, because amongst other qualities attached to it, it also highlights certain socio political and economic issues, hedge funds, corruption in the art world, looting of archeological treasures in Afghanistan, etc. that are useful for the American public to get a glimpse of. Jonny Lee Miller's lines and performance at times are almost as good as a nice bit of old Shakespearean soliloquy, ( Ben Kingsley style). I only wish there was more of that and that they would stop making him look more and more like a frustrated, twitchy sod, as opposed to a perfectly balanced, handsom, ecentric and dandy Englishman that Sherlock is supposed to be. The show needs to revolve proportionately more around Sherlock and less on other characters, thus benefiting more of Jonny Lee Miller's superb acting skills. In the second season, there has been a build up of Lucy Liu's detective skills, which somehow overshadows Sherlock and this will soon make Sherlock's detective methods less interesting. There is a limit to how much this show should give into parity! I'm looking forward to more seasons to come, hopefully with more changes.

I think in season three, it would be interesting to bring in Sherlock's father. I can see either Anthony Hopkins or Sean Connery. It would also be interesting to explore the Scottish element in Conan Doyle's Scottish origin. Why not then make an outlandish episode combining Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson by creating a murder case in Edinburgh which would be take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Sherlock ? In fact, it would be a clever touch to have Sherlock's dad live in the same street as Dr. Jekylle, in Hariette Row, Edinburgh! It'll be an opportunity to show the beautiful and mysterious city of Edinburgh as well as creatin an old fashion type of drama worthy of real Sherlock Holmes stories. This will also be a good way of paying back Conan Doyle in some ways and reminding his fans that Sherlock's typically astitue and disciplined manner of working as well as his stoic life style is in fact a very Scottish characteristic.

I don't want to see Watson with Mycroft.... would you please shoo him away.... Team Sherlock all the way...

Very well sir, taken care of by the National Security Agency!!!

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