Elementary given full season order

News Louisa Mellor 24 Oct 2012 - 07:35

CBS' modern-day Sherlock experiment starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu has received a full twenty-two episode season order...

Strike one for those prophesying a half-season cancellation for CBS’ take on Sherlock Holmes, as the series performed well enough in its first four stories to warrant a full twenty-two episode season order (that always seems such a lot doesn’t it? US TV never aims small).

Starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Sherlock and Watson, Elementary changed a few minds when it first arrived, and has now settled into a groove that’s been begrudgingly accepted by many who initially predicted it would be a humourless travesty.

The news came as Elementary made its UK debut on Sky Living. UK viewers can catch up with our spoiler-filled episode reviews, here.

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Recorded this last night. Will be checking out the review later after I've caught up on it.

At least a full season will give it time to find it's own identity. I'd really like to see JLM in a successful series even if it has to be this rip-off!

I'm be checking out the first ep tonight but wanted to post to say writer of this article is right, 22 episodes always seems a lot and many times it's too many, especially in those cases where series are picked up in bits and pieces so first 13 then a back 9 and then the network have some scheduling gaps to fill so they give an extra 2 episodes. Many shows can't maintain the quality for that long especially when it comes to over-arcing stories. Procedural shows, a category which, I suppose, Elementary falls into, fare better because they are more inclined to single episode cases so don't require the writers to think more than one or two episodes ahead, through in a will they/won't they relationship and a humorous supporting cast and you can easily get multiple seasons of 22 episodes. However with the more story-centric shows with an over-arcing plot line one of two things should happen. Either a) they get given 22 episodes straight off and be allowed to finish and broadcast all 22 or b) instead of 22 episodes the standard should be reduced to 12 episodes all filmed in advance of the season premiere broadcast so the only breaks are the needless one for national holidays (I say needless because who doesn't have a DVR nowadays?) That way the writers get twelve episodes to tell a complete story (driving them to be tighter and more focused) and the audience aren't left with a cliffhanger that is never resolved due to cancellation. Once it's finished it's run a new show starts for it's 12 episode run. Every finale should be written to end the show satisfactorily, additional scenes should be filmed to be included in the DVD/Blu-ray release to answer any remaining questions if required. Cancellations and re-ups are decided on full season ratings.

So I gave this a go last night and completely lost interest halfway through.
As a fan ofHolmes I hate to say this, but it was every bit the cheap "Sherlock" cash-in I dreaded it may be...
Just ask yourself this: If the characters names were changed, would you be able to recognise them as holmes and Watson? What exactly would make this show any different from the voluminous back catalogue of "eccentric genius with sexy sidekick" shows from the US?
The answer, I fear, is nothing.

No the answer is not nothing. & it goes to show how far reaching the legacy of Conan Doyle is that he has influenced a whole slew of detective fiction. JLM IS recognisably Sherlock in this. & as for Watson, when dramatised the character has had to be developed. On the page he is little more than a narrator, breaking off to marvel at Holmes' deductions & has little personality himself.
Elementary is not as good as Sherlock but is an enjoyable take on Conan Doyle's creations.

No-one would ever refute Conan Doyle's legacy or influence on detective fiction. But that legacy has next to nothing to do this show. This show is just the same old formula dressed up in it.
(e.g. The Mentalist, House, Monk, Shark, Life, Eleventh Hour, Perception, etc,etc.)
As for your view of Watson, well, that's just not true.
Not to get to geeky here but, Watson begins as a lost and wounded Afgahn War vet, and over the course of the stories he rediscovers his lust for life, falls in love and marries Mary Morstan, returns to medicine, is widowed, and, learning from the master himself, hones his own admirable deductive skill... Before finally, his arc comes full circle and he re-enlists in the last story, His Final Bow.
But, each to his own, Glad you're liking it. :)

have to say i am warming to this show. my gut i thought it would be done after about 5 eps so i am glad to hear its sticking around. the show i really like this season is Last Resort just love it.

Dan Kirkman Bellingham Wa

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes in season 1...Jonny Lee Miller is absolutely right as the tortured agonised genius Sherlock....Lucy Liu I could do without but I have warmed to her and look forward to season 2

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