First official poster for Syfy's Dominion

Poster Louisa Mellor 22 May 2014 - 07:32

A fresh new poster and trailer have arrived for Syfy's angel-tastic new series, Dominion...

As we've chewed over before, 2010's Legion, starring Paul Bettany as a rebel angel who arrives on Earth to protect mankind from a God who'd lost faith in his creation, was a little bit pants. That's no guarantee though that Dominion, the tie-in Syfy series starting this June, will necessarily follow suit.

Dominion takes place twenty-five years after the events of director Scott Stewart's film, in the aftermath of "a catastrophic war between angels and mankind". It stars Alan Dale and Anthony Head (hooray for both), Tom Wisdom, Christopher Egan and Roxanne McKee, and promises celestial battles and human rivalries set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Earth.

The first poster and a new trailer have arrived for the series, both of which can be seen below.

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Heaven already raise hell on earth. Just look at Supernatural..

However there is a difference. In Supernatural the fallen Angels fight each other, in Legion/Dominion it's Heaven/Angels vs Mankind.

In SN they fight each other to be able to rule Mankind after it!?

To rule amongst Angels and so Heaven. Angels can't do nothing with human souls (unless they want to open a portal to Purgatory like Cass did, or something). Souls go to Heaven and are left in peace in general by Angels and what not. Hell is something else. There souls are being tormented to the point they become demons themselfs.

You know what, Legion wasn't very good but it did have all the elements of a cult classic in the making.
But on the same day you come out and admit you rather like 'Skyline' to call 'Legion' "pants" just seems a bit, I don't know. I thought you had better taste is all.
I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

Ummm Den of Geek isn't one person. This article is by Louisa Mellor. The Skyline article was by Simon Brew.

is "pants" good or bad?
head scratching canadian


Yeah, I got that when they said "we quite like it" and "we've chewed over... was a little bit pants" so I knew they were not talking as an individual. I was therefore addressing the group with my sarcastic, light-hearted comment (see the last line). It is hard to infer tone from a written comment and I apologise if you believed I was seriously criticizing anyone.

I don't watch Supernatural because I thought it looked too cheesy but I am a fan of Jim Beaver. Is it worth checking out or will I be put off by fromage?

thanks! I enjoy the richness of UK colloquialisms and slang, but do get lost sometimes. "naff" is another one that escapes me.

Naff = bad, but in a charming way.

It's the best thing on The CW, closely followed by Arrow. It's running for 10 seasons and they really want it to have a spinoff. That has to mean something doesn't it?
The first couple of seasons have a lot of stand alone cases, but it gets more serialized after that. Some friends of mine didn't really dig it until they where halfway in.

No need to apologise. The use of "you" suggested you thought Den of Geek was one person. I now see that you realise they're several contributors that should think like a collective. :P Just kidding. Take care.

Okay Sean, you've sold me. I'll give it a couple of eps and get back to you.

All Hail The Hive Mind. ;)

I thought 'rubbish' was bad, but in a charming way?

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