First official poster for Syfy's Dominion

Poster Louisa Mellor
22 May 2014 - 07:32

A fresh new poster and trailer have arrived for Syfy's angel-tastic new series, Dominion...

As we've chewed over before, 2010's Legion, starring Paul Bettany as a rebel angel who arrives on Earth to protect mankind from a God who'd lost faith in his creation, was a little bit pants. That's no guarantee though that Dominion, the tie-in Syfy series starting this June, will necessarily follow suit.

Dominion takes place twenty-five years after the events of director Scott Stewart's film, in the aftermath of "a catastrophic war between angels and mankind". It stars Alan Dale and Anthony Head (hooray for both), Tom Wisdom, Christopher Egan and Roxanne McKee, and promises celestial battles and human rivalries set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Earth.

The first poster and a new trailer have arrived for the series, both of which can be seen below.

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