Doctor Who update: Jenna Coleman on Clara, Moffat on Listen

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27 Aug 2014 - 07:45

Cast and crew have been discussing Doctor Who and forthcoming episode, Listen. Here’s an update…

With Doctor Who continuing its bid to completely take over our lives, more Whovian news has reared its head today.

First, Clara actress Jenna Coleman has been discussing the original ideas for her role: "When the brief came through [for her audition], I knew it was a 'Doctor Who companion.' But the character description was actually very much like Mary Poppins originally. Clara's very, very bossy and tells the Doctor where to go and what to do, and whacks him with an umbrella and stuff."

An interesting insight there, especially considering the Mary Poppins vibes emitting from new character Missy.

Pushed to discuss her ‘legacy’ on the show, in light of the rumours of her departure, Coleman added that “It's so funny because I'm still working at it—I'm still there.”

Offering no clues as to her future on the show, she added that “for these last eight months the show has been totally and utterly life consuming. When you're in Doctor Who you're in Doctor Who. There just isn't much time. It's going to be interesting now that we finished the season."

Elsewhere, Steven Moffat has been discussing upcoming episode Listen, and his main inspirations for the episode: "In the episode Listen, my impulse starting in that was just the idea, 'What does he do when he’s got nothing do?' Because he’d throw himself off a building if he thought it’d be interesting on the way down.

He added that, “he’s fascinated by anything. And here he’s with nothing to do, so he just goes out poking things with a stick until something bites it. And I think that’s quite interesting, isn’t it? Sort of, there’s a thrill seeker aspect."

While we’re not expecting to see the Doctor in line with the other thrill-seekers at Thorpe Park (he’s not got the patience for the queues), we’re looking forward to more psyche-delving from Moffat. We discussed the deeper connotations of series opener Deep Breath here.

More news on Doctor Who as we hear it.

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