Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman on Capaldi's Doctor, air time confirmed

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14 Aug 2014 - 07:01

The start time for the Doctor Who series 8 opener is confirmed, as Jenna Coleman chats about the new Doctor.

With Doctor Who series 8 now only a week and a bit away, the hype machine has gone into overdrive. To try and reduce your click count, we'd popped a couple of the latest stories into one post here.

Today then, Jenna Coleman has been revealing some interesting insights into the show. Coleman described Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as a “firecracker,” “complicated” and struggling to accept his heroic status. She also noted that the shifting Doctor-companion dynamic is “strange and charming.”

Coleman also went on to offer some wider thoughts on the show, noting that "the pace is different, and the tone. It's definitely darker, but again I think it's because the Doctor is much more removed and not as accessible to humans.”

On the introduction of Samuel Anderson’s Danny Pink, a new regular joining the cast later in the series, Coleman said (spilling the beans slightly) that "he's that perfect boyfriend really and is very supportive, but he doesn't know anything about this double life she lives.”

"She tries to hide it from him whilst at the same time falling in love,” she added. “She becomes very torn between the two - it's almost as if she's having an affair!"

In other Whovian news, the air-time for series opener Deep Breath has been revealed. The episode, which runs for around 80 minutes, will start at 19.50. Steven Moffat is pushing kid’s bedtimes to the limit here, making his story the latest ever finish for a new Doctor Who episode.

The new, shiny, regenerated Doctor Who hits screens big and small on August 23.


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