Peter Capaldi thought Doctor Who audition was "a disaster"

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8 Aug 2014 - 08:24

At the Deep Breath premiere Q&A, Peter Capaldi revealed that he wasn't confident about his audition for the role...

We're staying entirely spoiler-free until Deep Breath goes public on the 23rd of August, but nothing is being spoiled when we say that Peter Capaldi is brilliant as the Doctor. Something went very right when the decision was made to put him in the TARDIS.

If you'd asked Capaldi what he thought his chances were following his first audition though, he'd have told you a different story. At the BFI premiere of Deep Breath, Capaldi told the audience that he wasn't at all confident following an audition at Steven Moffat's house.

"We got Peter round to my house to do an audition and he was fantastic, though he had a Catweazle beard from The Musketeers..." remembered Steven Moffat, before being interrupted by Capaldi, who told him, "The funny thing I didn’t tell you is that I thought when we did it that was a disaster. I thought I’d done it so badly and I was so - to use a popular phrase - out of the loop. But I’d enjoyed the experience so much that I thought, if that’s as far as it goes, that’s worth it."

What material was Capaldi given to audition with? "I did three daft scenes", Moffat said, "and they weren’t really intended to be any attempt at a twelfth Doctor. There was a scene based on an old Christopher Eccleston scene, a scene based on an old David Tennant scene, and a scene based on an old Matt Smith scene. They were just nonsense, because one of the things you’re going to have to do – I hate to say this, sorry Peter after all these months of doing this – but you have to be able to talk absolute insanity as if you really mean it, without a hint of irony. Unlike Peter said, I could show you that footage and he was fantastic. Obviously it’s him, look at him, he’s been rehearsing in his bedroom since the age of four!"

"You wrote a very hilarious, I thought, regeneration scene in which the Doctor couldn’t see his face but kept questioning Clara about it," Capaldi added, laughing, "I kept saying ‘How’s the face, does it look good?’ and she was going ‘it’s okay’, ‘what do you mean okay? Is it old?’ and she couldn’t say."

We think he's talking about this scene, reprinted last July courtesy of Doctor Who Magazine.

More from the Deep Breath premiere Q&A is on its way.

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