More online Doctor Who content, promises Steven Moffat

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7 Aug 2014 - 08:02

Doctor Who show-runner Steven Moffat reveals his plan for more online mini-episodes…

Extra online content is on Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who agenda, we’ve learned.

"I think we now have to accept that online stuff isn't a spin-off anymore," he told SFX. "We used to treat it as a spin-off that maybe some people would watch.”

Admitting that he often used online content as a way to bolster budgets, Moffat explained that "they'd give me some money to do an online thing and I'd say, 'Right, what crew do we already have, what actors do we already have, what set do we already have?' So we'd spend no money on it at all, whack it out in a day, pump the money into the episode and off you go."

The turning point wasn’t The Night Of The Doctor as you might expect though, but comedy series 7 tie-in Pond Life. Moffat noted that Pond Life had “an audience of over six million,” and added that “you think, 'Oh wait, that's a TV show!' That's just a TV show and a lot of our audience make no distinction between that and the TV show.”

"Same with The Night Of The Doctor,” he elaborated. “What I think is quite exciting about all that stuff is you're allowed to do a six-minute episode. I actually think The Night Of The Doctor is one of the best ones we've done, and I don't think it would be improved by being 45 minutes long. What more storytelling do we need?”

The man’s got a point, The Night Of The Doctor is undoubtedly a Whovian highlight of the last few years, regardless of its length. If new online content is of a similar standard, we certainly wont complaining.

SFX issue 251 is on sale now. Doctor Who returns on August 23.


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