Steven Moffat hints at ‘rude’ humour of new Doctor

News Rob Leane
5 Aug 2014 - 06:51

Doctor Who could be getting just a pinch of Malcom Tucker’s manners, according to Steven Moffat..

As we’ve already mentioned, the new issue of SFX has a Doctor Who feel to it, thanks to some interesting interviews it's put together. One of them is with Steven Moffat, and in it, he's been hinting that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will have a touch of Malcom Tucker-esque dark humour to him

"He has a tremendous ability with throwaway humour, and a lot of it is around the fact that sometimes he is terribly rude,” Moffat intriguingly teased. “I think kids will think he is the rude Doctor. You might want to cuddle him, but he really will resist."

"Peter will be very much the Doctor," Moffat added, in case anyone thinks he really will regenerate into Malcolm Tucker at some stage.

A dark/rude streak to the Doctor sounds like an interesting idea to us, although nothing could live up to this amazing Tucker/Whovian mash-up trailer

SFX issue 251 is on sale now.


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