First look at Doctor Who series 8 opener: Deep Breath

News Louisa Mellor 11 Jul 2014 - 07:02

The first official image of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in series 8's Deep Breath has made its online debut...

Clara's back in classy Victorian gear while the Doctor's look has seen better days in this first official photo from series eight opener, Deep Breath. Published in Entertainment Weekly, the photograph shows the TARDIS pair in a posh room draped with red velvet curtains - possibly a theatre?

Lucky attendees of Doctor Who series eight's Cardiff world premiere, taking place at St David's Hall on the 7th of August, don't have long to find out the who, what, when, where and why of this first image. The rest of us will have to sit patiently until Saturday the 23rd of August, when Deep Breath airs on BBC One.

Deep Breath was written by Steven Moffat, directed by Ben Wheatley, and features guest appearances from the Paternoster gang, Neve McIntosh, Catrin Stewart and Dan Starkey. (There's also, we're reliably informed, a really good bit with a horse.)

Entertainment Weekly

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Clearly the Doctor is in some kind of disguise. Looking forward to seeing this on Aug 23. Have to say I'm really bored of the Victorian era as a setting. Seems to be an inevitable consequence of having the Paternoster Gang in the show. Give me a medieval or high renaissance or regency age. Would love to see a pure historical in the near future but not one set in Victorian times.

I don't think it's particularly "clear" that he's in some kind of disguise...he's freshly regenerated - could just be trying things out. Or he might have HAD to find some clothes in a hurry - early set photos had him riding a horse in a night gown, after all...

I agree about the settings. I'm convinced it's the result of recent budget cuts combined with the BBC props dept. having all this stuff left over from all its period dramas.
Hopefully with the advent of the Bernard Cornwell adaptations the props supply will start to take on a 9th century feel and we can at least begin to see the turn of a different millennia on screen.

Very true. Clara seems to have found herself some fancy garb perhaps the Doctor wasn't so lucky.

I used to look forward to stories set in the Victorian era, hoping that there would be dark and Gothic stories reminiscent of the Hammer-inspired stories of the Fourth Doctor. Unfortunately so far the Victorian stories with the Eleventh Doctor have left me cold, largely because of the Paternosters being present, but strangely enough the one Victorian story of the Moffat-era that I have liked was "The Crimson Horror" even though it featured the trio prominently.

Capaldi's outfit makes him look like he could be a shifty criminal in the vein of Fagin, as well as resembles the villain in "The Body Snatcher" portrayed by Boris Karloff, except without a top hat..

The gloves are interesting - not necessarily something one would just "find". perhaps it is a disguise after all?

Wow they are really changing it up this time aren't they? Earth. Victorian England. Whatever next!?!?

I thought I was about the only person around who didn't like the Paternosters.

They bore me rigid. Strax especially - who would have been great as a one-or-two-at-most episode joke, but is now on the way to going full Jar Jar on us.

I've come to terms that the only way we can get rid of them is to give them a spinoff of their own, which will keep them away from the main show. Then they can have a break from the Victorian era and return to it with a good story, hopefully without the Paternosters or Clara.

I miss the days of stories set on alien planets that, although being a quarry somewhere outside Croydon, actually made an effort to feel like the guy who can travel through time and SPACE actually left England occasionally, rather than just feeling like the BBC shrugging their shoulders and saying "we need to get some more money's worth out of all those period drama sets..." ;)

The Beeb has been reusing props and Costumes for Doctor Who since the show started. It's no coincidence that lots of Doctot]r Who stories started to use Tudor era props and costumes after the BBC made a series of Shakespeare plays in the 70s

They don't really have an excuse any more, so I'm hoping for at least an entire season set away from modern earth. While it could be argued that it would be more expensive to shoot stories set away from earth, due to space-effects and such, those stories can still be done just as cheaply as period pieces and stories on modern earth. In "The Rings of Akhaten" they did a rather good job with reusing old props from various BBC shows and whatever regular household objects they could find.

I don't get that complaint at all. Series 7 visited multiple different planets and spaceships, plus US Wild West and a submarine. Of the 4 episodes the paternoster gang has been in, only one half actually took place in Victorian London, with "Good Man goes to War" taking place on a spaceship, and "Name of the Doctor" mainly taking place on Trenzalore. I'd hardly call that "overused" Oo.

BBC had also made The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth R in the late sixties early seventies...

I disagree, the Victorian era has been somewhat overused in the eight series since the show returned in 2005. It has been the backdrop to The Unquiet Dead, Tooth and Claw, The Next Doctor, The Snowmen, The Crimson Horror and the soon to transmitted Deep Breath. Also both Vincent and the Doctor and A Town Called Mercy are set in this time although not in Britain. Very roughly speaking that is virtually one Victorian era story per series....

The gloves make him look rather sleazy, as if he was pretending to be Clara's "associate".

"Two bob for a quick tumble with 'er. Only two fellas before ya this evenin'." :P

'Taps fingers together, smirking to himself at his very clever put down.' How terribly clever u r in your negativity. Well done.

There is an episode coming that will be set in the 12th for Victorian London, there is a reason for that. As "Robot" with Tom Baker, this is new with old - to set up the new Doctor, new dynamics, and the changes, while to help some fans to get over the loss of the previous Doctor with some familiar stuff (fans didn´t get over the loss of previous Doctor as fast as I did - I couldn´t wait for him to be gone :D ;) )

You sound a bit like Comic Book Guy from the irony detector just exploded!

You're really stretching this by trying to include those last two episodes. It might be the same time period, but that's a technicality. The settings are very different.
As you've just proven, there will have been six episodes set in Victorian Britain once DEEP BREATH has aired (with very brief scenes in a seventh, THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR). That's out of 105 episodes. And there is no indication via the usual spoiler and speculation channels that any of the remaining episodes of series 8 are set in that era, so that's probably actually out of 116 episodes. Anyone would think, based on the complaints here, that every episode was set in Victorian England.
Also, there is a reason for this, as somebody else stated. It's to ground the new Doctor in a familiar setting with familiar characters during his introduction, like Tom with U.N.I.T. in ROBOT. From what I've heard about the DEEP BREATH script (I haven't read it myself, but have had some non-spoiler feedback) this allows the familiar characters to react to this new different Doctor, but also highlights how he reacts differently to them.

Please God...not another Victorian episode. Literally the only Victorian-set ep I ever really enjoyed was The Unquiet Dead, the rest have mostly bored me to tears.

I think I like that outfit better than the proper one!

Fair point. I seem to recall season twelve being something of a transition. Hinchcliffe and Holmes have said they deliberately had Dalek and Cybermen stories in Baker's first season to "get them out of the way". This allowed them to be more original in their productions with gothic horror coming to the fore over the subsequent two seasons.

Because its happened a massive 3 times in 3 years?

There's been episodes set in the wild west, the golden age of piracy, the cold war, the late 60s and elizabethan times in the same period.

Then stop watching the show. You obviously don't like it.

Okay, I was stretching the point a bit. It is not so much Doctor Who lacks variety, just the production team seem very comfortable when it comes to historical tales to use the Victorian era as almost a default. I'm a big fan of the historical side of Who, it grabs me far more than space opera and Daleks. Granted the Victorian and Edwardian eras really suit the series but I love to see The Doctor visit other eras too - really liked Vampires in Venice. The sheer breadth of ambition in the Hartnell era gave us some terrific historicals. Seems these days the Doctor nearly always has to meet someone famous each time he journeys into the past. Looking forward to Peter Capaldi's take on the Time Lord.

Sooo, nobody at DoG has read the leaked scripts, then?

I've read the script and no, it's not a disguise. it's a night robe. let's just say this episode resembles the tenth doctor's one in that he is asleep for a lot of it.

They have but they have no intention of saying anything about the contents or spoiling anything for others.

Weird looking night robe!

Spoiling episodes, I'm sure, might be hysterical, but it's about as low rent as one can stoop...

Actually, I've grown up watching DW and am a huge fan of it. I'm also entitled to an opinion, something you 'obviously' have a problem with :)

Oh I know - haven't read them myself - I just love how they appear to be full of wonder when there's a likelihood they already know. I mean, it's DoG - how could they not?

Two bob for Clara?! Surely she's worth a fiver at least!

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