New teaser trailer for Doctor Who series 8

Trailer Simon Brew 4 Jul 2014 - 19:40

A familiar voice, as a new teaser for Doctor Who series 8 lands...

Well, it sure sounds to us like Davros. A new teaser trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who series 8 has landed, and whilst it's only 20 seconds long, it certainly gets the tease bit right. The voice at the start has a Davros tone to it, before turning into conventional Dalek chatter. We can fairly safely suggest that the soul of Peter Capaldi's Doctor comes into it too. Glad we could help.

Doctor Who series 8 begins on Saturday 23rd August, on BBC One. We're rather excited...

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Would they really reveal the Big Bad of the series before the first episode has aired?

So looking forward to this.

Maybe we're getting "troll" videos with different foes doing their usual menacing thing so when it's revealed in the last episode of Series 8 we'll all royally stumped?

I really hope it is Darvros and Julian Bleach has returned to play him, he was outstanding in the stolen earth and journeys end. The big bad rumour has always been the Master for this series. Maybe its the Moff coming to the end of his time as showrunner and wanting to write the iconic bad guys before his times up.

You're right, behold the real S8 arch enemy!

Maybe it's Sylvester McCoy?

that just makes me hungry

Can't wait!
So happy for this.

I'd love to see Davros turn up out of absolutely nowhere in the middle of the series - not as a Big Bad, not as a leading villain. But a Davros story, a standalone...

What I wouldn't give for Phil Ford to have written that! And more so for Julian Bleach to have reprised his role in secret.

I'm just sitting here wondering why the Doctor decided to put the phone - an extension of the ship that is clearly exploding in front of and around him - to his face, thereby receiving a severe electrical shock. Post-Regeneration daffyness perhaps?

Davros! (I hope so anyway)

Capaldi's Doctor is clearly modelled after Frank Spencer.

Well, this does sound like that voice in the TARDIS in Series 5 that stated 'Silence will fall'. It would be about time that that thing was explained. Just like why the Doctor's Daughter was kept alive by Moffat in Series 4, but I would be very suprised if she showed up in Series 8. It would be about time on the other hand.

Thinking about it. Why not restart Torchwood with the Doctor's Daughter as one of the team members?

New Doctor Who, new Star Wars = Nerd Overload!!!!!!

Sounds to me like....... EVIL K9!!!

Doctor Who's season is 12 episodes, with a couple 2-parters thrown into the mix. Davros wasn't the big bad for Series 4. He won't be the overall big bad for Series 8.

Or maybe a Doctor/Dalek hybrid? They've messed around with humans enough, maybe they'll try using the DNA of their deadliest foe. Might explain the 'I see into your soul' bit.

Didn't Moffat tease that one episode would be going "behind enemy lines"? I think you might be on the right track. I guess we won't find out until August, though.

No matter what happens - the Daleks always come back. ; )

Sounds a bit Nightmare in Silver - too soon to retread that path?

What does the voice say? "I see into your soul doctor. Beauty, Divinity, A Trap"?


"Beauty, divinity... hatred!!" :)


I was talking about Davros just the other day with my 10 year old son and we were both hoping he'd come back this series. I really hope its him, played by Julian Bleach..we loved his portrayal.

I really hope its Davros- Played by Julian Bleach, of course!

Silence will fall is done and dusted.

If people are having trouble understanding Capaldi and Dalek voices in these trailers, the series is going to need some Trainspotting-style subtitles.

All we need is new Star Trek TV to put icing on the cake.

That's weird, cause I got "Chewy, sinewy...venison!!"

I guess we'll have to wait to find out for sure. :)

Wasn't the silence the aliens who kidnapped River?

Remember these buys. Boy did they freak me out when I first saw them! (They still kinda do.)

The Silence have nothing to do with the Doctor's Daughter Jenny, so I don't really know where you are getting at.

I didn't say that they were connected to the Doctor's Daughter. I was alluding to the 'Silence will fall' part of your post. I think that that has already been explained/revealed.

I am sooooooooo looking forward to this. Why does it have to be too months? I want it NOW!

Oooooh Betty!

Looks like all sorts of trouble then. :)

It's Clara. As Oswin the Dalek.

Some people on YouTube/other sites are mentioning the Dalek Time Controller... I've never heard of this, apparently it's from the Big Finish series. The TARDIS wiki entry sounds interesting!

Is it just me or would anyone else like to see Sil make a return to TV? Great bad guy.

I would bet on the big bad being the Daleks. A while back Moffat stated he had no plans for a Master story. He also said he wants to make the Daleks scarey again. This fits with the tidbits and teasers we are getting concerning the Capaldi's Doctor. "Am I a good man?" and "...hatred in your soul" line.
I can't help remember the line from The Devils Run episode, "A good man doesn't need rules."

These teaser trailers remind me of a quote from the Doctor when he was on Devils Run. "A good man doesn't need rules."

Long range sensors are detecting another Moffat-written, disappointing, nonsensical series arc and finale up ahead, Captain, we're on a collision course!

One half impulse power! Back off, back off!

Wish it could be Davros played by MIchael WIsher!

I loved that episode as a kid. You just made my day, Guest.

Remember what guys? You've just posted a blank picture...

I don't know why it is blank for you, but it's showing fine for me. It's a pic of one of The Silence.

That kind of was the joke...

Oh... I see. I honestly did not get that reference. I think if he had put a smiley at the end I would have figured out he was joking. But now that you point it out, it's a good one.

"Two months".

Dear oh dear.

Oh, OK. But I rather meant the voice that said "Silence Will Fall". Who or what was that?!

A Admiral Ackbar in it?

I think it IS too soon to retread that path - but that doesn't mean they won't!

They have done a lot with the Dalek nano cloud thing...lots of people becoming Dalek puppets...they have also shown that a strong willed person (Tasha Lem springs to mind) can withstand the conditioning and fight back mentally...what if the Doctor was infected and resisting - what would be going on inside his head? "I see your soul Doctor..." but could it work both ways? They have established the Dalek hive path...That way the Doctor really would be behind enemy lines...

Can't wait,



Long range sensors are detecting another Moffat-bashing bore, disapp...

Whoops... Too late, he's already arrived ;)

Sorry Josh. Just couldn't resist!!

It sounds just like Davros. There's a Dalek involved. So it's someone that sounds just like Davros...who has a Dalek connection. It must be a new Cyberleader then.

Hell yes! More hark-backs to 7's era please, team.

Dalek Caan...?

b4 all the spoilers hit.
i hope its an hour of the doctor, trapped in a small room, debating morality with davros. for the whole hour!

A thought occurs with the showing of the two hearts. I wonder if the Doctor may lose one? As far as the viewer is concerned the Doctor hasn't always had two. Nothing was explicitly mentioned until Spearhead from Space and then we just accepted it as part of a Time Lord's biology, the previous adventure The War Games having established the Time Lord mythology. Could this be the "big change" affecting the Doctor? I wonder...

Would be interesting and make him more vulnerable and less "superhero". Wonder if they could permanently mangle that annoying "get out of jail free card" the sonic screwdriver?

Maybe they'll throw in an appearance by the Special Weapons Dalek?

I fear the brief re-appearence we got in "Asylum..." was all we'll get there. In any case if I'm honest I never understood the point of the special-weapons. It was used once to blow up a house, if I recall correctly, and it seems the same effect can be achieved by three daleks working in tandem these days (Stolen Earth).

It really does sound like Davros, I'd be surprised if it isn't. And it's definitely a Dalek voice toward the end. And the whole skeleton-being-shown effect, rather similar to the effect seen when Daleks exterminate people. Urgh, I really hope he actually does something different/interesting with them. Asylum of the Daleks had a lot of hope, but I think it fell short and, like a lot of series 7, could have benefited from a two-parter.
I suppose every Doctor needs their Dalek story...

I have a nice extreme theory that Davros and the master will form an allegiance to defeat the doctor. Dont ask me how they ecsaped there various problems. You heard it hear first.

I've only watched the trailer twice but didn't it look like a 'silence face' between the hearts? is this trailer even from the first Docaldian episode we will see? Off to watch it again now. The silence are done but.... oh yes guys - the 'am I a good man' is probably a reference to what Oswin was writing on the board at beginning of 50th anniversary episode:
"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one. Marcus Aurelius."

A very 'Rory in the TARDIS' set of responses there...

Annnnnd just been watching 'Lets Kill Hitler', totally forgot the last two lines till now:
@ Luna University 5123 "so then, tell me, why do you want to study archeology?" "Well to be perfectly honest professor, I'm looking for a good man."

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