Is Frank Cottrell Boyce the last Doctor Who series 8 writer?

News Louisa Mellor 3 Jul 2014 - 07:15

It's being reported that 24 Hour Party People's Frank Cottrell Boyce has written an episode of Doctor Who series 8...

All but one of the writing slots for Doctor Who series eight have already been announced, with Steven Moffat joined by Phil Ford, Mark Gatiss, Steve Thompson, Gareth Roberts, Peter Harness and Jamie Mathieson for the new run. It now looks as though the last remaining place - for episode ten in the series - has gone to a particularly interesting writer: Frank Cottrell Boyce.

The Liverpool Echo reports that native son Boyce (24 Hour Party PeopleTristram Shandy: A Cock And Bull StoryThe Railway Man) has provided a script for series eight. The screenwriter is quoted as saying "It’s like joining a family. It’s a great thing to be involved with. I grew up loving Doctor Who, and my teenage son was a big fan of it too. It’s a pleasure to write it and I’m looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. I’m hoping there’s a bit of Malcolm Tucker in there too".

Boyce's screenwriting career began, as did fellow talent Jimmy McGovern's, on Brookside, before a collaboration with Michael Winterbottom - Welcome To Sarajevo - marked a move into film during the nineties. Almost certainly Boyce's most-watched work around the globe will be the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, with Danny Boyle.

More news on Boyce's Doctor Who episode as it arrives.

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Danny... Boyd?

Please let this happen for Series 8. On top of "24 Hour Party People" "The Claim" and his best film "Millions" (with Danny Boyle) Cottrell Boyce is also a really good children's author: Framed. Cosmic, and the Unforgotten Coat.

Such a brilliant, thoughtful, fun writer in both media. Hope hope hope it happens

No Chibnall then, that's a relief!

Yeah. How dare Chibnall write great stories such as '42', 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship', 'The Power of Three' and 'P.S.'.

Is that supposed to be sarcasm? Those are all awful.
Well, Power of Three was tolerable, but hardly a highlight.

You are entitled to your opinion but I just think his scripts are full of clunky dialogue and desperate innuendo masquerading as humour. Chibnall really isn't that great a writer. Recently re-watched Life on Mars, his episodes fell a long way short of the high standard of the rest of the series. Broadchurch was, arguably, only a success because of the acting talent. You put Olivia Coleman and David Tennant in most things the resultant show would be talked about. Feared for a while he may replace Moffat as showrunner - he was so overused in the last few series. I think Broadchurch and it's American remake will keep him busy elsewhere. For me he is the modern day equivalent of Pip and Jane Baker, reliable writers if you were stuck but really not suited to Doctor Who. Ironic really, given his rant against them in that notorious clip from Open Air now doing the rounds on YouTube.

Me thinks it was indeed sarcasm.

forgettable episodes. not exactly fan-favourite.

Let's hope so. The presence of PS muddies the waters though, as that wasn't too bad, but those full-length episodes were all thoroughly mediocre.

those are some pretty good stories. I DO find it hard to forgive the hungry earth, and his showrunning of the first 2 seasons of torchwood

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