Spoiler: classic monster returning for Doctor Who series 8

News Simon Brew 30 Jun 2014 - 11:06

Don't click here if you don't want to know what classic monster is back in Doctor Who series 8....

This article contains a spoiler for Doctor Who series 8. The new series of Doctor Who begins on BBC One on Saturday 23rd August, with Peter Capaldi taking over the controls to the TARDIS. We've got some idea of the shape of series eight since the show's revival too, but details have been scarce as to whether he'll be battling any classic monsters.

Here, then, we put up a big picture of Mr Capaldi. If you tread the other side of it, you're in spoiler-land.

Still here? Well, it turns out that the Cybermen are going to be making an appearance in the new series. The BBC's official Doctor Who account Tweeted a picture which confirmed their reappearance. Whether the cybermen will have a fleeting appearance, as has been the case in some recent episodes, or something more substantive remains to be seen. It's not uncommon for us to be led into thinking the monster of an episode is one thing, only for it to be revealed as another.

The Cybermen are following the design seen in Nightmare In Silver, by the way.

More news on Doctor Who as we get it...


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The Cybermen are consistently rubbish. They aren't much of a threat anymore as they fail constantly. Settle an argument are the Cybs introduced in Gaiman's Nightmare in Silver Mondasian Cybermen or Cybus Cybermen or a combination of the two?

The Gaiman episode was commissioned mainly to provide an answer to that question. Gaiman provided an answer (that they were a fusion of the Cybus and Mondasian Cybermen) but the explanation was cut somewhere between script and what we got on screen. I wouldn't be surprised if the explanation was filmed but cut like so much of the rest of that episode, what we got on screen barely made sense.

As a fan of The Cybermen it saddens me how useless they've been since Who returned. It'd be nice if the BBC could have a quick glance at Big Finish and maybe take some notes from Spare Parts, The Blue Tooth, The Silver Turk and Human Resources...

Uuh, is it a joke ? That's your spoiler ?

Cybermen have appeared a lot in New Who ! I thought you would mention a monster who hasn't appeared yet. Saying a "classic monster" is gonna be in season 8 and reveal it's the Cybermen is as useless as saying the Daleks will appear.

Now if the ants-men from Classic Who season 2, with Hartnell made a come back, that would have been a huge spoiler !

My advice would be to change the title of this to returning monster or something... The title implies that a classic monster is returning for the first time in a new Doctor Who . Personally I was hoping for the Krynoids or something. But the Cybermen are old news... When are they not coming back...

As someone whose not so keen on seeing The Master back at all yet, I'm absolutely up for a Cybermen finale if that's what we end up getting (and who nose?!). They've had some mediocre stories...actually a fair few. They've had their own stories in Series 6 and Series 7, give them a big one here in Series 8 and then rest them for a while.

Make them out of wood again.

Prefer to see Michael Smiley as the Master.

Sorry to disagree but the Cybermen aren't consistently rubbish - some of the more recent Cybermen stories ARE consistently rubbish however.

Also, aren't all the Mondasian Cybermen dead? I thought they were wiped out at the end of The Tenth Planet. The only Cybermen in our universe originate from Telos.

Oh, what a massive spoiler! I'd never have guessed that the Cybermen were returning for Doctor Who, because uh y'know, they've sorta been a regular fixture for the last few years and eh, they never really LEFT ANYWAY.

Having seen the images i have a nice theory that the master has offered to help the cybermen correct there previous defeats, hence the picture of a broken classic who cyberman helmet (the invasion), and he will use a new stolen tardis that he escaped gallifrey somehow with. They will have a load of nostalgia with all the classic cybermen episodes being revisited and then the cliffhanger at the end of first part of two part season finale will be the whole earth history having been changed and it being enslaved by the cybermen and ruled by the master. You heard it here first.

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