Doctor Who series 8 premiere date revealed

News Louisa Mellor 27 Jun 2014 - 23:19

Doctor Who returns to British television on Saturday the 23rd of August 2014...

"I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore" - Clara Oswald

Psst, Clara. It's Peter Capaldi, you know, from The Thick Of It?

The BBC has announced the official UK start date for Doctor Who's eighth series since its revival as Saturday the 23rd of August, 2014. As far as we know, international air dates are yet to be confirmed, but if series eight follows the pattern established by its predecessor then our US chums may well be able to tune in on the same day as us.

The first episode of the new run, believed to have been written by Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley, is entitled Deep Breath and according to the official press release, will be "feature-length". Exciting stuff.

The news accompanied a new image (below) and this fifteen-second teaser in which the new Doctor asks his "pal" Clara whether or not he's a good man... 

Read more about series eight on Den Of Geek, here.


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I'm excited. That is all.

... Who exactly is Clara looking at in the poster?

Classic album you're holding up there, you have prompted me to listen to it. Whilst also being excited by the new series.

And what's wrong with her legs? She looks as if she's about to collapse!

Why i see peter capaldi standing like that i think he's mid way through the rocky horror show's time warp.

It's the classic 'companion looking off to adventure' and 'the doctor breaks the 4th wall and stares knowingly at the audience' combo

He needs a tie.

Being the CGI OCD that I am, couldn't help but notice the lens flair at the end DW logo wasn't located on the tardis light. CAN NOT UNSEE!

did previous doctors wear a wedding ring?


I do not like you.

from what i understand its not his wedding ring, and the first doctor wore a ring, called the signet ring which had powers.

it was a long photo shoot and she really needs to pee

Something seems not quite right here.

So agree!

"Pal" So much Glaswegian in that, was expecting him to say "Am I a pure good man?"

I'm okay with no tie. Both Tennant and Smith rocked their ties, but I'm okay with Capaldi going a different route. What he really needs is a hat of some kind like a fedora.

That's a good point, it just looks so bare! I'm also not a fan of the whole top button fastened and no tie look which seems trendy at the moment. It is a minor thing though! Since Capaldi was cast I have haven't been this excited by Who since it restarted.

I think the Clara/MS relationship was badly written, with any luck Clara will be a better character with this Doc.

At any rate, that's a really cute dress.

Absolutely cannot wait for this!

So will this be an hour long episode? 45 mins? 55?

It's the lack of a smile from the doctor. He looks almost annoyed.

A massively tall stove pipe hat like Troughton?

I miss pointy. Things were better when we had pointy. There was none of this namby-pamby fairy-tale doctor being so emo as to ask whether he was a 'good man' or not. When we had pointy, scripts were tight, lacked words, and made sense to me. Now we have a strange new pose with 'hips' that doesn't sound like the doctor I know. The doctor I know would never allow his companion to long longingly into the distance while he was attempting a power pose. Moffat has been on a one man crusade to ruin Doctor Who for me since, at least, last Friday. I'm never watching this dumbed-down 'hippsy' rubbish anymore. BURN THE MOFFAT, BRING BACK POINTY!

slightly amused by a self-confessed OCD sufferer mis-spelling lens flare

Good old BBC and their continued output of dodgy Doctor Who promotional be fair though Capaldi could be in a chicken suit and Coleman in a bin bag and I'd still be stupidly excited. Ben Wheatley, Peter Capaldi and a feature length episode, Bring It!

"Feature length" is usually 90 mins. But anything over 79 mins qualifies as it too. A lot of kid friendly animated movies are this (79 mins) length. I love summer, but am excited that we have this to look forward to as it winds down.

Well said!!
Down with this sort of thing

Loving the stain glass windows! So reminiscent of the season 14 wood panelled TARDIS, which was my favourite interior. Shame the wood warped in storage!

I looked over the doc's left shoulder and thought for a brief moment that I saw Handles. But no... :(

It's OK - just think of it as some excess regeneration energy coming out of the doors :)

Careful now.

That pelvic thrust is definitely driving me insane

As excited as I am for the next series, I do wonder why they are choosing to release such bloody awful pictures of Capaldi as official images.

I think what is really missing from the Doctor's outfit is a pocket watch chain hanging down from one pocket.

Is that Peter Capaldi or Peter Crouch?

What he really needs is an open collar filled by a day cravat (ascot).

First pointy and now hip thrusty:(

He's wearing a wedding ring in that pic

And he'll be wearing it on screen too. That's apparently what Capaldi does, and they're likely to write around it. Hartnell wore a ring too.


Get over it you moron.

Problems? STFU! I never EVER read replies.

Well then you'll miss this reply, just like you completely missed the humour of the comment. The post was clearly meant as a joke. Pity some people have no sense of humour!

Reckon it will be an hour like the Eleventh Hour. Nice slightly longer than usual episode to launch the new Doctor.

Hartnell's ring was passed on to both Troughton and Pertwee. I thought that it might have been meant to be somehow significant to the Doctor, perhaps as a family heirloom.

It's coming from where the column above the central console would be.
That's good enough for jazz.

It's a first pressing, one of my biggest pride and joys in the extensive collection I have. The picture came up from a vinyl wars photo session. I think I won.

Maybe he's such an awesome actor that you can "see" he is annoyed just from the picture?!

Me. Oh God, I wish it was me. loll

This is pretty damn exciting!

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