Paul McGann teases sequel to The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

News Rob Leane 20 Jun 2014 - 13:28

Peter Davison’s uproarious Doctor Who spin-off will return, according to Paul McGann…

In all the explodey-wodey excitement of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary last November, one spin-off won the hearts of many viewers – The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

Fans of Peter Davison’s comedy gem, which united several former Doctors in a side-splitting quest to re-join the show, will be thrilled to hear that a sequel is happening.

According to reports from Eighth Doctor Paul McGann’s appearance at an event for Cambridge students, the Five(ish) Doctors onscreen reunion has already begun production.

McGann, who also returned for the terrific short The Night Of The Doctor, offered no thoughts on time-frames, but as a project involving multiple Time Lords, they could well be filming it next week, in the distance future or back in 1822 for all we know.

What we do know is that more screentime for former Doctors can only be a good thing. And the fact that the BBC are presumably supporting the project raises interesting questions on whether they would commission any other spin-offs or one-off reappearances.

In what sounds like an interesting interview, McGann also admitted that he had been hoping to see a female Doctor after Matt Smith’s departure from the show, suggesting Tilda Swinton and Diana Quick for the role. Check out the original piece to hear McGann’s humorous thoughts on joining Game Of Thrones, too.

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I was there, and I can indeed confirm that he said these things. In fact, it was my friend that asked him the question that lead to him to reveal this.

"Dementia in Time"? "Daze of the Doctors"?

Tilda Swinton and Diana Quick?!?! Paul, what hav e you smoked!??

I can imagine that nut-job Swinton being a very good Doctor.

Well that was quick.

I was there, and was thinking "should I go on GB and spill the beans, or should I keep it secret". Guess I was being a little naive.

He was excellent, though. As was Sylvester McCoy a few months back.

With all due respect... NO FEMALE DOCTOR !!!

Ooh! Exciting news - do hope it's true - loved the Five[ish] Doctors; a genuinely funny and warm tribute to the Doctor.

Obviously you do not understand the meaning of the word respect.

Thank Moffatt for "The Doctor's Wife" by trivializing the concept when his Doctor (#11) gets all campy with the dialogue about his buddy The Corsair... if they're not going to take it seriously then it's not worth supporting. Because the only way something so big would work is to keep it entirely serious. Then again, Doc #10 had "Stolen Earth" use regeneration as a crowd-pleasing copout that trashed the concept... but what else is new...

"Explodey-wodey"? Like "Timey wimey", who's the target audience? Toddlers that watch "Barney The Dinosaur"?

Apart from the scenes that slammed the incidental music and the differences between studios - for which Doctor Who was not unique to at the time... but even that is nowhere near as bad as overlooking some of Hartnell's strengths (his soliloquy in "The Edge of Destruction" in one take, The Massacre, et al), making excesses (the caveman whining about his scene (a total fiction), the stagehands' embellishment), taking some liberties with some characters (e.g. Lambert as critics have defended her role and character since), and camping up bits in "An Adventure in Time and Space" (that all made the use of "docu-drama" erroneous, turning it into a fictional drama based LOOSELY on real life events... )

I actually enjoyed 5 Doctorsish and it was a tribute - it was the best thing put out for the 50th anniversary...

I used to agree with this sentiment, did for many years, but recently I've thought...why the hell not? What possible traits that the Doctor possesses (incredibly intelligent, brave, witty, often quite merciless) could a female actor not portray just as easily as a man? When the Doctor regenerates, every single cell in his body undergoes a change, who's to say he doesn't fancy a change one day and pushes the process into a vaginerly direction (sorry, couldn't help myself)?
The show has always been about change, at its core. I think a woman as the Doctor would be an excellent change, provided of course it was actually a competent actress and not just a piece of eye candy.

Does that stick up your arse come with Splinter Insurance? I'm curious.

It would be cool if the sequel to 'The Five(ish) Doctors' had Paul McGann being signed for an Eighth Doctor special.

People are saying that q female doctor would be a nice change, does anybody remember the episode The Doctors Daughter? Perhaps they should expand on her timeline as a spin off.

T'was Neil Gaiman that wrote The Doctor's Wife, and I disagree; if you're going to make the doctor female in this day and age, it shouldn't be serious, but merely incidental. It should be something he (or rather she) shrugs off as quickly and easily as large ears or not being ginger and then just gets about going off on incredible adventures through space and time.

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