Doctor Who: returning villain rumour

News Louisa Mellor
19 Jun 2014 - 08:18

Pinches of salt at the ready, The Daily Star has published its latest Doctor Who exclusive...

Potential spoilers for Doctor Who series 8 if there's the slightest chance this rumour is true.

First off, there might be something to this one, even if it does come from The Daily Star's wonder emporium.

Noises have been heard for a while now about the planned return of The Master to Doctor Who, and now a tabloid has thrown its er, weight behind them. As reported by Doctor Who TV, The Daily Star has announced that Who "bosses have secretly plotted to bring back the Time Lord's arch enemy for a big cliffhanger", adding "it's rumoured that they're looking for a Hollywood actor to take on the role".

John Simm was of course the most recent actor to take on the role of the Master in Doctor Who, the latest on a list that started with Roger Delgado and went on to include Geoffrey Beevers, Anthony Ainley, Derek Jacobi (briefly) and more.

That would mean a new Master to face series eight's new Doctor. All plausible stuff, if not necessarily from the most iron-clad of sources...

Doctor Who TV

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