Doctor Who series 8: new guest star rumoured

News Louisa Mellor 4 Jun 2014 - 14:44

Auf Weidersehen Pet's Christopher Fairbank is rumoured to be making a guest appearance in Doctor Who series 8...

Details are thin on the ground for this one so far, but on the authority of the mighty Blogtor Who and filming set photos, it's been reported that Christopher Fairbank, a familiar face from well, just about everything is to make a guest appearance in Doctor Who's new series.

Fairbank has been a regular presence in TV and film since the late 1970s, memorably playing the role of Albert Arthur Moxey in Auf Weidersehen Pet, as well as appearing in just about any novel adaptation worth its salt (The Rotters' ClubThe Line Of BeautyTess Of The D'Urbervilles and this year, Jamaica Inn). He's also tipped up in MerlinPirates Of The Caribbean 4, and The Fifth Element. Buy a ticket to the Dwayne Johnson-starring Hercules to enjoy all the Rock's lion-hatted glory and you'll see a glimpse of Fairbank in that too, according to the IMDb.

This won't be Fairbank's first dealing with the TARDIS either, as the actor has previously voiced two roles for Big Finish Audio Adventures, the first as the voice behind Professor Pierre Aronnax in The Wreck Of The Titan, and the second as Doc Baroque in The Scapegoat.

We'll bring you official details and confirmation when it arrives.


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Well, at least it isn't a unknown singer-songwriter who digs the show and therefore is in it.

Would prefer to see quality unknowns and use the money paid to more well known faces to better effect.

"What are you?"
"I'm Batman."

Someone posted a picture of some actor's chairs on the set of Series 8 and I'm pretty sure this guy's name was on one of them :)

Christopher Fairbank is excellent at playing slimy cowards and scumbags, so I would not be surprised if he were to portray a shady businessman.

Christopher Fairbank was in ALIEN3 alongside Paul McGann and fellow DOCTOR WHO guest actors Brian Glover, Danny Webb and Phil Davis. I therefore assume that it's now only a matter of time until Ralph Brown, Clive Mantle, and of course Charles Dance show up in Who.

Like hiring a new showrunner!

Foxes isn't unknown.. And she is very good. so stfu.


What exactly is the problem with that?

Foxes really isn't unknown. She won a Grammy, she peaked at No. 7 on the UK charts with her debut single, and peaked at No. 8 on the US charts with another single.

I know who she is, and so do a lot of other people...

We've got a fan here.

What's free speech? Pfff I don't know. Maybe you should stfu instead of telling other to.

I don't want Doctor Who to become a pop stage. We've got Later... With Jools Holland and what not for that!

Well, I do not. But because there is the possiblity I missed it on the radio I did a search of her on pages in my native language. The result was a lot of Peter Fox (a German rap artist, which isn't a fellow countrymen of mine by the way) and just one for Foxes. The page in question was from a teenage girl website called Fashionista. Not really my kind of website (that's why I'm here on DoG).
However I wanted to know what that Grammy award of her comes from. Apparantly it was a elektronic music Grammy for a song called Clarity from someone called Zedd and featured Foxes. This song I do know. I still find it strange it got a Grammy but still, I do know it. Technically she only lend her voice to the song and had nothing to do with the rest of the production, so one could say that Zedd won the Grammy and Foxes was fortunate enough to be invited on stage.
On the argument that she got a top 10 position in the UK and US charts. Well, big deal. There are a lot of charts and they can be manipulated. And even then there is staggering lot of stuff in it that is not that good.
But congratulations, I now know who Foxes is.

It was the UK Official Chart....based on record sales over that week

Keep in mind that Billie Piper was mostly known as a pop star before her stint on Doctor, and now she's one of the most beloved companions of all time. She's not my personal favorite, but she is incredibly iconic to the show. Being dismissive of an actress for being a singer is a little shortsighted.

I love Moffat too, but that is not a good response.

People whine about wasting money on big name guest stars and whine about hiring unknowns... guess there's just no pleasing some people.

Well, that was almost a decade ago and it apparantly didn't slip outside of the UK. I also can not believe that she is one of the most beloved companions ever in Doctor Who.

Charles Dance would be great, do we Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henrikson too?


Shut the flip up?

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