Foxes to appear in Doctor Who series 8

News Louisa Mellor 29 May 2014 - 08:31

Singer songwriter Foxes, aka Louisa Rose Allen, is to sing and act in an episode of Doctor Who series 8...

Rifling through the TARDIS' bins in Doctor Who series eight will be musical guest star Foxes, the BBC has announced.

Not being entirely au fait with the contents of the modern hit parade, we have to take it on trust that Foxes, who also goes by the name Louisa Rose Allen, is a Grammy Award-winning UK singer/songwriter best known for providing the vocals to Clarity, a song by a chap called Zedd (are we doing this right?).

The guest role reportedly came about when members of the Doctor Who production team went along to a Foxes performance and exchanged pleasantries with the singer, who confessed her Who fandom and was duly invited to appear in series eight.

Steven Moffat says the team is "completely thrilled that the amazingly talented Foxes is joining us on board... well, you'll see. Let's just say, the Doctor is finally catching up on his phone calls." Cryptic.


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NME eat your heart out!

This can surely only go as well as that Jenkins casting.

Remember last time they tried to be down with the kids and cast Lily Cole? *Shudder*

The Doctor's Daughter (Jenny!) can and has regenerated? That's my guess right there!

...and Mike Skinner.

The Doctor never called Cleopatra back after the phone call at the end of The Big Bang. Could she be Comin' 'Atcha as Cleopatra?

Why stop at Foxes? I'd like to see Badgers, Rabbits and indeed Otters appear in future Who episodes.

Considering The Rings of Akhaten placed in the bottom 10 episodes of all time in the recent Doctor Who Magazine survey, another singy episode doesn't sound promising.

Never heard of her... Don't mind, I thought The Rings of Akhaten was a beautiful episode, so I wouldn't mind another one with songs.

Alternative headline: More singing confirmed in Doctor Who Series 8
I was hoping for drunken Capaldi on karaoke myself!

Are there any other people out there who really like both Foxes and Doctor Who? I'm currently lonely in this Venn diagram overlap.

"The Doctor is finally catching up on his phone calls."

A throwback to the end of The Big Bang? Monsters on the Orient Express?

What? When? (Doctor)Who? Why?

Frank Skinner got a part because he's a fan, Foxes got a part because she's a fan *and* musical... surely Ian Levine is waiting desperately by the phone now for that big part to be offered?

The Gunfighters anyone?

Recent? Is that the issue that's just come out today?

Katherine Jenkins in the Xmas special a few years back anyone?

Lynda Baron in her who debut...


haha. I absolutely loathed that episode.

No idea who this person is or type of music she does. As song it ain't rap or booming music, I guess she's okay.

The Mars Volta were huge Doctor Who fans. I would have paid real money to see them in it. I mean the episode would be two hours long, one hour of which would be them performing the theme tune, but still. That would have been good.

I'm a fan... can I have a role?

Cedric and Omar are in a new band together, so that could still happen. It's just a shame that the new band sucks, really...

How about Mankind or the Timelords?

Yeah I've bought their EP. It's good, and coming from any other bands it would be excellent, but it just seems a little meh which is a shame.

I didn't like it at all, I found it to be entirely dull, and not just in comparison to The Mars Volta, just in comparison to a lot of stuff. I've been listening to their work since ATD-I (De Facto never got enough credit), and I'd say it's the worst thing they've done. You should check out the Anywhere album from a couple of years back, it was a project Cedric played drums for. Really awesome stuff.

At least it's not Metallica.

... and Billie Piper. Shudder.

Apparently a big production mess-up, Moffat sent out for some glacier mints...

First Ed Sheeran in The Hobbit, now this. I don't know who she is and I honestly don't care. Why are they doing this?

Yeah, but at least he got whacked out on trippy lippy so he was a bit typecast.

I miss At The Drive-in.

oh please no more of that :-(

Sounds like it's for the Mummy on the Orient Express episode that's been mooted. Seems to fit with the 'on board' comment and the reference from Moffat about phone calls.

You kidding? The sheer amount of censors would make it sound like morse code!

Peter Capaldi and his mate and big Who fan Craig Ferguson reforming their Dreamboys punk band.

I quite liked that episode. Certainly one of the better Xmas specials.

A bit worried about the way the BBC is starting to stuff New Who with "guest stars". A little too reminiscent of the final few years of Classic Who for my liking. Sometimes less is more BBC !!!


I think you may have had more success with people recognising who she is by pointing out she sung "Youth", an orchestral version of which Debenhams was rubbing in everyone's faces a little while back...That said in my opinion White Coats is her best song if you're interested in looking into her work.

I think Rings gets hate it doesn't really deserve for things that are really at best aesthetic and shallow. The music was well written and beautiful and they actually had a good child actress as the Queen of Years.
It also did a good job of establishing the dynamic between the Doctor and Clara. Where as the Doctor tends to focus on the things he's lost in the past, Clara focuses on the possibilites of things that could be or could've been which carry through to Day and Time of the Doctor.
Some of the plot was silly, but let's face it, the very premise of Doctor Who is kind of ridiculous. I enjoy wacky, strange, out of place things, and so I actually found this episode very enjoyable both visually and conceptually. I think embracing certain wackiness allows Doctor Who to find an identity and set it self apart from shows like Star Trek.

What about Mmmmmmmanatees!

"Youth"? ........ "White Coats"? ........... crap i'm old and out of touch. When the hell did that happen?

Booming music? You sir need to join me in a celebratory pipe! You must make sure you bring some slippers and a flat cap.

I wasn't necessarily being positive when i mentioned it... ;o)

I'll get my coat... ;o)

Im far to out of touch with pop and roll music :-/

I know, same goes for that hippity hopping the kids do these days ;)

I don't understand why everybody hates this episode. It was one of the few who tried to make a real character out of Clara Oswald. Instead of just being The Impossible Girl.

A lot of people accuse Moffat of telling us about characters instead of showing them, and even though Rings isn't a Moffat episode, it's one of the only episodes where the backstory of a Companion is shown to us rather than told through exposition or dialogue. When Clara uses the leaf she explains its significance without saying directly how it relates to her mother because the audience already saw the connection in the earlier flashback. It wasn't really giving us new information, but giving more significance to information we had already received.

I do agree that until the X of the Doctor trilogy, this episode and Bells of St. John had the best character moments for Clara.

I had never listened to Ed Sheeran before, but I found the song in The Hobbit pretty beautiful.

You know what the big difference between An Unexpected Journey's Song of the Lonely Mountain and Desolation's I See Fire is? The first was based on a original Tolkien song that was in the book, I See Fire isn't and the fact that Jackson's daughter told him that he should get Sheeran because she's a big fan, doesn't make it any better. If it wasn't a song for the movie then I might have given it more slack, but not this time.

If the movie was more similar to the book, I would care more about an original 5 minutes song.

That's a whole different discussion. But if I have to answer my opinion is that Jackson and Philippa Boyens have made the right decision to add some characters and to bring in the Appendixes for a more rounded story. Some don't like it, but I have never heard anyone about the fact that Éomer and his men where never banished in the second book The Two Towers and that the Elves never came to help.

It's about time that The Moff does something with her character! Why else did he save her from death at the last second in production?



I was just trying to say that, since the adaptation is pretty free, having an issue with a song because it is not in the book seems a bit pointless. You can dislike the song, but having an issue with it because it is original instead of an adaptation would make you have an issue with quite a lot of the movie...

I like most of the changes, a few of them fix things that I don't like in Tolkien's writin style. I think they overplayed the Legolas (again) a bit, but as you say, that is a whole different discussion! =P

Ah, like that. Well, I was just a bit disappointed that they didn't really use a original Tolkien song as it's inspiration. Given that the man wrote a lot. Doesn't need to be 1 on 1, but just a few lines would be OK. Sheeran did make a nice song for once, but it was completly his own and didn't lean on one of Tolkien's. Which I would have liked.

so that every thread about every new character include at least one of these comments.

I enjoy Foxes a lot (both for Clarity and her own stuff)

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