First teaser trailer for Doctor Who series 8

News Simon Brew 23 May 2014 - 21:27

Doctor Who - with Peter Capadli - will return in August, confirms this very brief teaser for series 8...

The BBC has released the first teaser trailer for Doctor Who series 8, running to a brief 15 seconds. As you might expect, there's little in it (we don't get Peter Capaldi in action for a start), as this is a tease in the true sense of the word. But it does confirm that Doctor Who will be arriving back on our screens in August. From then, it's expected that the 12 or 13 episodes we're getting (the exact number is as yet unconfirmed) will run uninterrupted.

Without further ado, here's that teaser...

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yaldi for capaldi, pee came oot there

I'll just get in before the complaints begin by saying there's no pleasing some people. And by some people, I mean Doctor Who fans. ;-)

another crash plot like the eleventh hour?


My guess is that next Thursday's DWM will feature details on the length of the run- here's hoping for 13 episodes and a Christmas Special, but I can handle 12 + Xmas if it means that we get rid of one of the 'stalling for time' instalments.

The trailer was so excited it only lasted 16 seconds. That's what she said.

There might be a first trailer arriving soon. If the show returns in august, then we shouldn't be too far away if the promotion for Series 8 follows previous years.

It doesn't work if you 'That's what she said' yourself

Hopefully by August we will all be able to spell his name. Capadli Mr Brew?
I usually roll with the Capladi version - I like that one as it sounds like a Northern turn of phrase "Grab your cap ladi"

First saturday in August pretty please BBC :)

So that's the BBC making sure there's no "Comic-Con get exclusive first trailer" s**t storm this year!

that's what she said!

"Really!? Oh man, hell yeah! ah.. wait.. oh.. wait, what? ah piss off!"

Yeah right they didn't release the 50th trailer till like 3 weeks before the special

The first Series 5 trailer was released three months in advance of the show's airing, if memory serves. If that's the case again, we could be due for a full trailer at any time, now.

And more or less like The Christmas Invasion, for that matter. It seems that's the formula for new Doctor episodes in the new series...

I highly doubt, they only finished 5 episodes. A First Trailer needs at least 9 episodes. A Teaser Up could be 5 eps though.

That doesn't count, because it wasn't for a regular season. Besides, the entire internet has whined enough about that damn trailer already.

I would imagine they'll take advantage of the BBC World Cup games and get the full adverts out in June.

August!!! I thought it was September. Yeah!!!!

No it doesn't

This isn't a trailer, it's a teaser. Big difference, a poster would have served more or less the same purpose as the very brief flash we got of Capaldi standing next to the console (in shadows). Comic-Con is still yet to come. Though if a trailer is shown there, I can not honestly see the BBC making it exclusive again after the fan backlash from last year.

Oh, damn, another trailer that showed all the good parts.

Can those who want to spot the Rani in the trailer form an orderly cue over there please!

There is a new teaser out now. Lots of rain. On youtube. Check it out!

Probably August 30th!

You could make a full trailer with just one episode in the can if you wanted it to.

The latest trailer/teaser features lots of rain, rain is also an anagram of Rani! Could we be about to see a new incarnation of the Rani? Would be a lovely tribute to Kate O'Mara...

The 'rain' trailer is fan made, from the talented guy who did the Wholock video. It's not actual series 8 footage.

Hopefully, this will be better than the last two seasons. Since Moffat handled Matt's first season pretty well, and all of his rubbish story arcs are out of the way, I think this season is going to be good.

Clever guy. Very convincing!

Well August 30th is most likely - so it nearly IS September!

I'd think everyone rather wants to know if the TARDIS will explode this series. I mean, The Moff is teasing that since Series 5 from 2010!

Er, what? It did explode at the end of season 5, but they sorted all that with of a magic Doctor-box prison plot device thingy and some iffy writing from Moffat.

That one's fan made.

Yeah it did blow up at the end of Series 5, but after that it was hinted that she would blow up anyway sometime in the future. Talking about the TARDIS, The Moff might also explain who the heck was that cracky voice saying "Silence will fall." in the TARDIS was.

Look at my muscles, look at my muscles, look... at... my.... muscles.

that really was all explained in the show. basicaly, it never happened, that universe no longer exists it was rebuilt into this one. and the doctor blamed the silence for the explosion to their faces.

thats practically subliminal!.... but i did love it.

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