Doctor Who series 8 filming pictures

News Louisa Mellor 22 May 2014 - 06:55

Filming continues on Doctor Who series 8, and here are a few beach snaps to prove it...

Warning: potentially contains mild spoilers for Doctor Who series 8

The fine folk at the South Wales Evening Post (the only post worth reading from the lower half of Wales between roughly 6pm and 9pm) have posted some set photos from this week's Doctor Who filming, a few of which you can see below.

The photographs show Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, guest star Hermione Norris and a new recurring character played by Ellis George and thought to be the younger sister of Samuel Anderson's Danny Pink. They're on the picturesque Aberavon Beach wearing natty orange spacesuits, so we can assume that the episode being filmed - written by Peter Harness - isn't set in Port Talbot...

More Doctor Who set photos are available on the links below:

South Wales Evening Post / Doctor Who TV

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The Llandudno Mid-Morning Bugle failed to provide these glossies.
I'm totally switching now.

I recognise that spacesuit..!

"You are the only f*cking mystery f*cking worth solving."

The Satan Pit Torchwood space suits returns! Torchwood (Archive) on the other hand doesn't.

Water of Mars too ;)

These genuinely never get old.

Isn't this the ep also filming in Lanzarote? Hermoine's spacesuit looks very Planet of Fire! #Logar

So Moffat's finally done what he's been skirting around for years and stuck us with a regular child companion. Does he not rember 'Nightmare In Silver'.

Or Adric?

And Matt Smith wore it briefly in 'Hide'.

My worst fear for Doctor Who (aside from cancellation) has been realised
'a new recurring kid character' - aaarrrggghhhh!!!! Why oh Why oh Why. GET RID OF MOFF NOW!!!

He did? I missed that. I actually thought Tennant left it on Mars, although I may need to watch that episode again to refresh my memory. Then again, they seem like standard spacesuits from the period that The Satan Pit is set, so it could be new ones. Would explain why the whole cast has them. Also these pictures rather remind me of Enemy of the World.
On a side note, I am not jealous of them having to wear those things in the sun, especially if these pictures are from this week.

I can't believe I am about to defend this makes sense to have a child companion in the initial run, at least for a bit. I work in an elementary school and most of the kids were really turned off by an old doctor and have lost some interest in the show. Having a relate-able character for children to ease the transition seems smart for a kids show. But gods I'm already annoyed by this idea.

Sorry. I'm missed something here. What child?

I'm hearing people complaining about a kid companion. If the girl next to Hermoine Norris is a kid, then she's a very tall and mature looking kid. Wasn't Rose 19? That makes her a kid then when she first joined the Doctor, and she's one of the most loved companions.

if anyone gets turned off by having Peter as the doctor then they arent a fan but they look great in the pic

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