Matt Smith "totally will" come back to Doctor Who

News Louisa Mellor 21 May 2014 - 07:22
Matt Smith

Speaking at this year's Calgary Expo, Matt Smith has expressed his eagerness to return for a multi-Doctor story...

Exciting as it is to have Peter Capaldi taking over the keys to the TARDIS, very few were happy to see Matt Smith's Doctor go. Over his three years, he was tremendous in the role, whatever the material, whoever the co-star.

The good news then, is that Smith hasn't ruled out a return to the show in a multi-Doctor story, far from it in fact. According to the actor, recently seen in the teaser for Ryan Gosling-directed feature Lost River, he's already petitioning showrunner Steven Moffat for a part in the next anniversary special.

Speaking at this year's Calgary Expo, Smith said, "I’m just waiting for the next anniversary. I spoke to Steven the other day and said ‘what’s the quickest one we can do?’”.

He continued, “I love the idea of other Doctors coming back. Also that gives me the opportunity to come back, which I totally will by the way!”.

You couldn't be more welcome, Matt. Now which anniversaries are approaching? 

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51st in november and 10 years of the new series next year. that'll do for a start

60th would be better. He only just went and we haven't seen the new doctor yet.

Clearly Ecclestone will sadly never do it... But Capaldi, Smith, Tenant, McGann and McCoy would be welcome for a start! :)

60th is probably the next best for Matt, but would become more difficult for Tennant and definitely for McGann. The best next multi-doctor story would be if they could somehow persuade Eccleston to come back for a one-off next year to celebrate 10 years of New-Who. It won't happen.

In the meantime, could we bring Torchwood back?

Sorry but this just isn't true. CE said he would be open to the idea IF the story was appealing enough. Which the 50th wasn't (because it was so utterly crap). So treat your stars with respect and give them something interesting to do and they'll do it! Something Moffat couldn't handle, but maybe the NEXT showrunner...

Looking forward to Capaldi, but I really wish Matt had done another season. I think he might be regretting it a wee bit. Perhaps because of the season splits it just didn't feel like he had been in the role long enough.

So keen to come back, couldn't have something to do with that Crappy Movie he shaved his head for could it?.
Should've done another year Matt!

Give Capaldi a couple of years to settle in. If he's that keen he should'd have bailed in the first place.

I Hated Matt Smith in the beginning, but he was so brilliant in the role he won me over, I had a lot of issues with DW during his time but never with him, I'll miss him and would love to see him return some time.

I don't think it needs an anniversary. Patrick Troughton co-starred with Colin Baker in "The Two Doctors". Without commenting on that particular story, if the material is strong enough there is always the potential for one past Doctor to come back, and that is often better than having a multiplicity of them all competing for screen time.

I thought Matt Smith had very definitely made the role his own by the time he left, although was let down by some poor stories - at least in terms of their endings - in his final season. That said, I did rate the 50th anniversary "Day of the Doctor" as an excellent piece of Dr Who.

But never mind Smith, what about getting McGann back in at some point - his episode short was one of the best things about the 50th., and he showed us what we have missed on screen.

Ecclestone won't do it either, but that's for *whole* other reasons. ;)

GI Joe *was* the pinnacle of fantastic storytelling to be fair.

Matt really doesn't seem to have thought through leaving properly. It's really sad if that's the case, he was so good.

I understand Ecclestone's decision from an acting point of view but he's also given the distinct impression he no longer wants to be associated with it either. I saw one interview on YouTube with him where he was clearly not impressed when he was asked about Doctor Who and the 50th Anniversary. Which I thought was disappointing when it was meant to be a celebration of a show he was not only part of but personally approached Russell T Davies to be considered for in the first place. His inclusion would of meant a lot to many fans of him and Doctor Who even if it were only for the regeneration scene. Paul McGann on the other hand who I met recently couldn't be more willing and enthused which I find admirable and humbling given the rough end of the stick he received.

Yeah, Torchwood has to come back. Think about it BBC, Doctor Who in the autumn/winter and Torchwood in the spring/summer. Just let RTD let go of the master keys. He rather plays with wizards and aliens anyway.

The (W)horse has already bolted, sorry

Talk of another Dr reunion just makes me wish Eccleston had returned for Day of the Doctor as fantastic as Hurt was.

that's pretty much the way it is with a new Doctor, and I've been properly watching since Pertwee regenerated in to Tom Baker. its always difficult but by the time they leave it breaks your heart (hopefully tinged with excitement for the next Doctor)

I love seeing multiple Doctors on screen and would love to see more crossover adventures but I also think Capaldi needs some time to get his shoes under the table too.
What would be good is making the Christmas 2015 episode a crossover, Capaldi would have two seasons and a Christmas special under his belt and it would also still be in the tenth anniversary year. job done (if I were Moffat)

Thinking about it, maybe McGann could have a 20th anniversary special in 2016...

Ouch! So true. So very very true!

Maybe he just hates the Doctor Who production team.

Or maybe he IS just a dick! LOL

Sorry to be the negative, boring old fart but I was delighted when MS departed the show (and DT before that). Cannot wait for PC, an older, hopefully wiser and less romanticly inclined (maybe the companions will stop drooling and fawning now - I thought the War Doctors observations on these two were brilliant by the way.) Doctor that will have a good sharp edge to him.
Now, I only need SM to hand over the reins to MG and I think I'll be a happy fart.

More 'news' from the Calgary Expo? It took place in April, and the video's been on YouTube for more than a month, but still Den of Geek reports on choice snippets that Doctor Who TV and Blogtor Who writers notice when they get round to watching it.

Is this overly pedantic? But, you know, it's true. What next, 'Karen Gillan and Matt Smith concur that season five was best?' You heard it here first! (or on YouTube or in Canada).

If they do a two Doctors episode I would be inclined to go with McGann and Capaldi as I feel they'd have good chemstry.

I thought Matt Smith did well as the doctor considering the material he had wasn't the greatest, especially series 7. He did well with what he had.

Surely the next anniversary is the 50th Anniversary of the first regeneration?

I personally don't see why, a show based on time travel and things being all wibbily-wobbily... has to be broadcast in the right narrative order... why can't a future christmas special take us back to a time with Paul McGann, or Matt Smith for example? It is still canon, but doesn't HAVE to stick with the current on-screen Doctor.

I think is the 10th anniversary of the modern series, i hope Torchwood come back too.

After 50 the usual big number to go to/celebrate is 75 (see recent celebrations for the Mallard steam locomotive's record breaking run - 75 years, specially UK returned locos and lots of useful money earned...but that's me opening the can which is my steam fanaticassism) but that's a bit of a way off. I agree with everyone else who's said it so far and also want there to be some recognition of the fact that in 2015 Doctor Who will have been back on our Great British screens for 10 years!

Unless it improves next season, it might not be around much longer.

How about the 5th anniversary of when a plot made sense?

Or the 1st anniversary of the amazing self-captioning Doctor?

He was old and stale by the end. Wonderful at the start, but he was phoning it in a bit by the end, and he never did angry very well at the best of times.

There was much talk CE fell out with the producers of the show and the whole thing was a bad experience for him.

Can't blame him for moving on. The flak he got for not doing it was awful. It's his choice.

They'd have to reboot Torchwood now I think.

I've wondered that when people talk about movies and having to have the current Doctor in them.

Oh that was Hurt was it, I wish they'd put his name up on the screen in the middle of a scene so I knew that it was him playing another incarnation of the Doctor...

(Nope, it looks like I'll never get over that stinker!)

Well, in case you are unaware, Capaldi can do angry brilliantly. I suspect there will be less swearing than we're used to though, unless someone can somehow bring Torchwood back and get Capaldi to guest star,

I was at Matt Smith's and Karen Gillan's panel in Calgary. They are so funny together. Fantastic actors and I wish all the best to them in their careers.

The argument with the recent discussions of a Doctor Who film, was the rumours of the film not being canon, and a brand new 1st Doctor being recast... meaning it wouldn't be a Doctor already part of the product.

If the BBC [and Harry Potter director] had agreed to give McGann, Eccleston or Tennant the role in the movie, no-one would have cared. It was the idea of a brand new guy playing a generation that's already occured, which is disrespectful not only to Hartnell, but the whole 50 year canon of the product.

I agree with Metoo, 60th, please. I loved Matt Smith, i cried when he went.

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