Doctor Who: is another new companion coming to series 8?

News Louisa Mellor 16 May 2014 - 07:04

Rumour has it that Doctor Who series 8 might be welcoming another new companion for the Doctor...

The clever folk over at Doctor Who TV have spotted a potential pattern in series eight's casting...

We found out in The Day Of The Doctor that Clara Oswald is currently teaching English at Who locus, the Coal Hill School. Then the news of Samuel Anderson's casting revealed that he would be playing a recurring character who teaches at the school, Danny Pink. That puts two members of Coal Hill staff inside the TARDIS alongside Peter Capaldi's Doctor.

Next came Anderson's Tweet announcement "There's a new member in the Who crew, my little sis". Actress Ellis George is believed to be playing Danny Pink's sister, a character appearing in at least two of the new episodes who is also a pupil at - you guessed it - Coal Hill School. Joining the dots, that puts an older Doctor next to two Coal Hill teachers and a family-member pupil, mirroring the make-up of William Hartnell's TARDIS team.

Add Capaldi's distinctively Hartnellian lapel-grabbing pose when he was unveiled to be the next Doctor on live television, and could we be tracing a Hartnell era thread throughout series eight? That, or it's all just a big coincidence and we need a bit of a lie-down.

Doctor Who TV

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Not just an older Doctor, but one at the start of his regeneration cycle too.

Seems quite unlikely that they would attempt to go with the crew idea when they need to establish Peter Capaldi properly and only have fifty minutes for all the story and characterisation now.I don't know that they could accommodate so many regular characters in the different format regularly,even though it's a necessity in something like The Musketeers.Doctor Who always has to substantiate it's supporting characters,background scenarios and monsters with every new story.It's a bit much now .

So Clara is the new Babara? Interesting hypothesis, nice way to bring the show full circle but a more original approach would be more welcome.

Agree. The last time they had four regulars they killed off Adric so the others could have better story lines....


Do we know whether they gave him a whole new cycle or just an additional regeneration?

Fed up of pointy doctor now, I want new pics!

The actual words " a whole new cycle" were used in the Time of the Doctor.

If there is a young girl character, and she's anything like that ghastly girl from the Neil Gaiman Cybermen episode, I will leave SO MANY angry comments on SO MANY websites, you won't even know what to do.

Guess that answers that then! I need to watch that episode again.

Uh-oh, pretentious kids in the TARDIS? Like Adric? Noooooo...
Oh, and who (no pun) bets that Clara and what's-his-face Danny? Will be bumping uglies in the TARDIS at some point? Well, not literally, but a romance will be forged between the two. Can any writer hold off a man and a woman coming together and NOT having a relationship form, of is that too hard?

On the other hand, I'm fine with having a really annoying kid on the show, if it means they get to kill him/her, like with Adric:-)

But the 10th also says he's "Within the first 15 hours of his regeneration cycle" when he gets his hand cut off in the Christmas Invasion episode. It does not mean that they gave 11th a new set of regenerations only because he said "whole new regeneration cycle".

Yeah. Russell T was never very good with the techno-babble. I think it's well established that 11 was granted a new set of lives. Dramatically, it would make little sense for the intended meaning to be otherwise.

I suppose Clara needs a love interest to emphasize the Doctor suddenly looks inappropriately old to have anything other than a plutonic relationship.

also she killed another dalek by shooting it in the face with an R.P.G

I hope that Clara stays. @Big D i agree, no kids!!! At least, no kids traveling with the doctor. Once in blue moon, kids run around with the Doctor, and it would be great.

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