Doctor Who: is another new companion coming to series 8?

News Louisa Mellor
16 May 2014 - 07:04

Rumour has it that Doctor Who series 8 might be welcoming another new companion for the Doctor...

The clever folk over at Doctor Who TV have spotted a potential pattern in series eight's casting...

We found out in The Day Of The Doctor that Clara Oswald is currently teaching English at Who locus, the Coal Hill School. Then the news of Samuel Anderson's casting revealed that he would be playing a recurring character who teaches at the school, Danny Pink. That puts two members of Coal Hill staff inside the TARDIS alongside Peter Capaldi's Doctor.

Next came Anderson's Tweet announcement "There's a new member in the Who crew, my little sis". Actress Ellis George is believed to be playing Danny Pink's sister, a character appearing in at least two of the new episodes who is also a pupil at - you guessed it - Coal Hill School. Joining the dots, that puts an older Doctor next to two Coal Hill teachers and a family-member pupil, mirroring the make-up of William Hartnell's TARDIS team.

Add Capaldi's distinctively Hartnellian lapel-grabbing pose when he was unveiled to be the next Doctor on live television, and could we be tracing a Hartnell era thread throughout series eight? That, or it's all just a big coincidence and we need a bit of a lie-down.

Doctor Who TV

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