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29 Apr 2014 - 06:26

Doctor Who series 8, Who's Changing and more awards in our latest round-up...

Just a few new Doctor Who bits and bobs that we've pulled together into one post.

Firstly, Tom Riley is one of the guest stars in Doctor Who series 8, and he's been chatting about the show. Talking to Flicks And The City, Riley said that he believes Peter Capaldi is going "to completely revitalise the show. Not that it needed revitalising, but he's going to bring something completely different to the Doctor".

When questioned whether he thought there was thus going to be a change of tone, Riley said that "only when you change the lead actor, everything's going to change", but that you can "rest assured that he's absolutely going to smash it".

Riley wouldn't be drawn on how many episodes he's appearing in, or anything about his character. He's believed to have a one-off role in episode three of the new series.

Next? This weekend, there's a chance to see the fan documentary Who's Changing on the big screen. It's showing as part of Sci Fi London on Saturday May 3rd, and that'll include a Q&A with its director, Blogtor Who himself, Cameron K McEwan. You can get tickets for the screening here.

There was some gongage for Doctor Who over the weekened too incidentally. The Day Of The Doctor picked up the Special, Visual & Graphic Effects prize at the BAFTA Television Craft Awards, whilst An Adventure In Space And Time took home the prize for Make Up And Hair Design.

Our continued guide to what we definitely know about Doctor Who series 8 is here - if it looks just a little sparse, it's because we're only listing things that are known in it, rather than rumours. Hope that's okay.

Flicks And The City.

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