Matt Smith on Doctor Who: "the best storytelling was in series 5"

News Simon Brew
16 Apr 2014 - 07:17

Matt Smith has been looking back at his Doctor Who years, and has picked his favourite series from his run...

Matt Smith appeared at the Wizard World Comic Con over the weekend, and was talking about his work in Doctor Who. In particular, he was quizzed as to what era was his favourite from his time on the show.

"For me, the best storytelling was in series five", Smith said. "It had great adventure and great clarity, and I loved the whole idea about the Pandorica and the Big Bang. It was the one I connected with most".

Smith continued, admitting that "looking back, I think some of my best work was in my first series, because I was actually taking real risks and that was a real moment". And his favourite speech? "I think it has to be when I was talking to the spaceships in The Pandorica Opens", he said.

As for the twistier series six? "I think in terms of revelations, River being Amy's daughter was a bit 'what the hell!'", Smith added.

Matt Smith, of course, departed the TARDIS last Christmas. Expect him to start having to field questions as to when he's returning shortly...

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