Kate O'Mara: 1939-2014

News Simon Brew 30 Mar 2014 - 16:39

The Rani herself, Kate O'Mara, has died following a short illness.

We're sad to report that actress Kate O'Mara has died, at the age of 74. O'Mara was widely known for her work as Cassandra Morrell (Alexis' sister) in the US soap Dynasty, also appearing in shows such as Howard's Way and Triangle across an extensive career.

Readers of this site in particular however are likely to most remeber her work as the Time Lord the Rani in a pair of 1980s Doctor Who adventures: The Mark Of The Rani, with Colin Baker, and Time And The Rani, with Sylvester McCoy. Whilst neither adventure was or is particularly acclaimed, O'Mara's work in both was an awful lot of fun. The Rani is a character long requested by many Who fans for a return - and at one stage she did come back, in the Dimensions In Time Children In Need special.

O'Mara died following a short illness. Our thoughts are very much with her friends and family at this time. Rest in peace.

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Joan Collins played Alexis Colby, not Kate O'Mara.

Nobody said she did?!

Yes - it was in the original post. An error since corrected. Many thanks to st_sur. - Simon

Errr Isn't that what the article says ?
'O'Mara was widely known for her work as Cassandra Morrell (Alexis' sister)'

It was an original mistake that has since been corrected. st_sur is in the right, I'm in the wrong. Many thanks to st_sur. - Simon

Fair enough. And RIP :-(

No more regenerations :(

Absolutely loved her as the Rani. I truly enjoy "Mark of the Rani" as one of Colin Baker's best stories. Kate O'Mara steals every scene she's in. She was also the highlight of "Time and the Rani", especially her spot-on impression of Bonnie Langford as Mel.

Other than Doctor Who, the only other show I ever saw Kate O'Mara on was an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous" in which she played Patsy's sister. She was "absolutely" hysterical!

It would be most appropriate for a return of a regenerated Rani to Doctor Who in tribute to Kate O'Mara.

She was great as Rani, but I also love seeing her in re-runs of classic ITC shows such as The Saint, The Champions etc

Sad to hear about Kate's passing. A talented actress who also had several roles in the hammer horror films. A notable name in soap opera from the mid-Sixties, Kate O'Mara was famed for her exotic good looks which she never really lost. A sad day for fantasy film and TV. R.I.P Kate.

I always remember the stir she caused in the press with the sunbathing scene in the first episode of Triangle. Mostly because of the risque nature of a semi-nude woman on television just after Nationwide...and also because the scene seemed to have been filmed on the bleakest November day in history.

She was great and it is a very sad loss indeed.

I'm actually watching her at the moment in Hammer's 'Horror of Frankenstein' (1970), was just talking with my wife about her - then went to check some stuff on the Internet and found out she died today... RIP, a very sad loss...

R.I.P. very sad news, I was only watching her on Saturday night in Hammer's"The Horror of Frankenstein". Absolutely stunning.

Sad to hear of Kate O'Mara's passing. she was superb as the Rani, just the right blend of fun, deviousness and glamour.
And as for playing Patsy's sister Jackie in Ab Fab, they should have given her a regular role (didn't her character die off screen in one episode? I recall some character did, just can't remember if it was Jackie) She was hilarious though.
A sad loss, RIP Kate.

Very sad. Great actress.

It would have been great to see her as the Rani regenerating.

Best line in Doctor Who is when she told the Master "You wouldn't be told!" pointing out his fatal character flaw.

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