Classic monster returning to Doctor Who?

News Louisa Mellor 20 Mar 2014 - 07:35

Potential spoilers ahead in the latest candid photos of the Doctor Who series 8 filming...

The latest Doctor Who series 8 set photos taken by marvellously dedicated fan photographer Ryan Farrell reveal a new creature stalking the lawns of Cardiff's Bute Park.

Green, mottled, muscular, horned, clawed and with what you'll have to admit is an adorable wee tail, some have conjectured that this chap is a new take on a Nimon, as in Tom Baker adventure, The Horns Of...

See what you think below:

A couple of clearer shots of the creature are available from Metro, here.

Read our list of the classic monsters we'd like to see return to Doctor Who (written well before The Day Of The Doctor, hence the inclusion of Zygons) , here.


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I think that calling this as a Nimon is a bit of a stretch - doesn't have the Bull's head, or even anything close. It's just that it has a vaguely horny looking head. By the same process of deduction we could say that it could also be an updated Thomson's Gazelle, a Giant Snail or anything else with a lumpy noggin ....

I saw this filming, I don't think it's a Nimon, if anything it reminded me of their distant cousins, the minotaur. It could be an update of the one from The Time Monster, but without the body of Dave Prowse! But I expect it may well just be a new monster altogether.

I see a resemblance, especially round the feet, but I think you're right. In particular, Moffat has said a number of times (about both his shows) that he fully expects anything filmed outside to instantly be public knowledge. I reckon a returning monster is the kind of thing they'd want to keep under wraps at least for a while.

From what I read into a Mark Gatis interview, if we get the Daleks and the Master this year, that will be it for classic monsters. They want Capaldi to have a run like Tom's classic horror years where we got lots of new and original characters. I'm sure that's just a secondary creature in the pics that has a small role in the overall plot - to be fair it looks a bit pants.

whatever it is, it looks creepy!

I think the feet are more Tony Manero than Nimon.

Torchwood's Abadon's little brother?

Ryan may be marvellously dedicated but unless he's secretly stalking the guy in the woolly hat he needs to learn to work his focus selection options on his camera.

I would say Nimon, but the horns appear to have eyes or mouths at the ends. That's not how the old one was done. However, mouths at the ends of the horns fits the space cockroach theme of the Nimon...

Nah, watch Horns of Nimon - they aren't in the same league of power as Abadon (they're not one of the heavy hitters like the Daleks/Davros/the Mara/Sutekh etc).

Moffat mentioned in an interview that the minotaur from The God Complex is a 'cousin species' to the Nimon, so that's probably the best comparison from New Who.

Why would you want to bring back the Nimon?? "The Horns of Nimon" was a pretty poor episode IMO.... then again so was "The Macra Terror" and they brought the space crabs back so I guess anything's possible!!.....What's next a return of the dreadful Myrka from "Warriors of the Deep"?

No, I think it was just a bypasser watching the filming.

The Macra Terror? Poor? I know the episodes are missing but from the audio it's a cracking story, possibly the best of the season (aside from Power of the Daleks of course)

We will have to beg to differ on Macra being a highlight from season 4 as for me Moonbase, The Highlanders (if only because it introduces my favourite male companion of the whole series), Evil of the Daleks, The Faceless Ones and as you say Power of the Daleks are all better stories IMO. Of course even a sub par Troughton episode will always have plenty to like about it as Pat was just such a great Doctor :)

Looks nothing like. New Who don't change old monsters out of all recognition like this.

"Can I have a part?"
"We've pretty much fully cast this one, sorry."
"Oh. Alright then... :( "

Lol have you seen the NuSilurians?

on is a great story let down by shoddy production and terrible monster costumes, who can't love "YOUR ALL DOOOHAHAHAHAHAOOMEDDDDDDDDD!!!"

The distant cousin of the Minotaur is the Nimon.

LOL thanks for your comment Luke as it has kept me laughing all day....I may have to re watch Horns just for this moment :)

Doesn't look anything like a Nimon to me.

Those look more like eye-stalks than horns, plus that the creature resembles Mikey from the first MiB.

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