Doctor Who series 8 fan set photos

News Louisa Mellor 19 Mar 2014 - 07:44

Some fine Doctor Who fans have shared a few on-set photos of filming for series eight...

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are joined by Broadchurch and Campus' Jonathan Bailey in these fan photos taken during what's thought to be the filming of series eight's fifth episode, written by Stephen Thompson.

Keeley Hawes, as announced last week, is also due to appear in the as-yet-unnamed adventure as "a powerful out-of-this-world character with a dark secret", though there's no glimpse of her besuited bespectacledness in the below pics. Coleman, however, is rocking a sharp look of her own...

Cultbox, with thanks to @PeterDCapaldi, @StreetwiseLee, @Laur_Pritch, and @Ryanfarrr

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Interesting pictures. Would seem to suggest Peter Capaldi will be wearing different coloured shirts.

Clara disguised as one of The Silence there.

Clara discoverd Ten's clothing cabinet?

she is rocking that suit.

He looks like a Creative Director at Soho advertising firm with that coffee.

Sadly, Capaldi's outfit looks completely ordinary. Unless you get a flash of the red lining, he just looks like a bloke in a suit.

I wonder if they're UNIT soldiers?

Looks like it might be a whole episode of suits being rocked :)

Judging by his comments about: 'No frills, just 100% rebel Time Lord,' I would imagine the distinct lack of eccentricity is intentional. Although, with the DM's, crombie coat and pleated trousers, he does have an aura of punk about him, which is quite cool. Plus he looks less like a magician in the black shirt.

Plus, other pictures show that he undoes the jacket fully at points, so we do get a lot of flashes of red.

She is, I wonder what circumstance arises that she ends up in it

Yes, Jenna looks incredible in that suit. Then again, she'd look incredible wearing nothing at all.

Peter Capaldi's a happy guy, holding his coffee. What a hero

I think Jenna's suit is reminiscent of Lis Sladen's outfit in Invasion of The Dinosaurs. In fact there is another picture released today (but not featured here) that looks almost exactly like the moment the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive in the deserted London scenario.

I was there later in the day at Bute Park. Kinda awesome seeing it being filmed like that.

Would like to see him a bright red shirt perhaps, which would echo the red lining of the crombie..

So did the First Doctor, and the Second Doctor's outfit was just "scruffy guy in a suit". And Ten wore a lot of suits. And Nine was a bloke in trousers and a jacket. What's your point? The personality comes from the actor, not their clothes.

might be the whole 10 wearing different suits and 11 different bow ties to represent whether the episode is set in the past or future.

Is that a ring on his wedding finger?

I read somewhere that Capaldi never takes his ring off when filming, which is rather lovely. We can just pretend it's for River.

I agree completely, don't forget what happens when Who underlines the Doctor's 'quirky' nature in the clothing - we end up with costumes rather than clothes. Starts with an iffy question mark on a collar and ends up with the 6th's coat of many colours...

Makes me wish I was still living in the UK. South Wales has never seemed more attractive.

Or a perception filter, to cloak the fact that he's actually wearing a sombrero and a zoot suit.

Aside from the Who filming........

Yeah that. Forget my thing. That's much better.

I think we may need evidence on that one!

She looks mighty fine!

I suppose you're right. Maybe it's just the fact that it's black suit, black waistcoat, white shirt that lacks any individuality, but yes, once Capaldi is on screen filling it with the new Doctor's personality I suppose it won't matter.

I would say, though, that the first Doctor wore a strange little hat and had that ye olde neck-tie-bow thing, and Ten, whilst he did wear suits, didn't wear suits in the way that most people do - they were ludicrously tight, slightly shabby, and with an open-neck shirt and loose, skinny tie. That was still a 'look'.

Yes, Nine was just a bloke in trousers and a jacket, and that kind of reinforces the point in my mind - whilst Ecclestone's portrayal meant that the outfit didn't matter, as will Capaldi's, the outfit was lacking in personality, unlike all of the other Doctors' (though I completely take EmporerMonkey's point that an outfit with personality can be a bad thing as well as a good thing). It's easy to cosplay as any of the Doctors (not that I do), even Ten or One, with their mostly-suit-oriented outfits, but if you cosplayed as Nine nobody would even notice.

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