Horror channel to air Classic Doctor Who episodes

News Louisa Mellor
13 Mar 2014 - 18:00

30 episodes of Classic Who are coming to the Horror Channel in the UK this Easter...

A selection of thirty stories from the Classic Doctor Who era (1963 - 1989) are to air on the Horror Channel in the UK, starting on Friday the 18th of April, now Good Friday for more reasons than one.

An Unearthly Child kicks things off, as you'd expect, leading into a classic marathon featuring a story from each of the seven Doctors over the long Easter weekend. If the family BBQ and/or DIY are rained off this year, then there are worse ways to spend a Bank Holiday than on the sofa, in front of Who, chocolate egg in hand.

Starting on Monday the 21st of April will be a run of weekday double-bills in the daytime and evening, shown in chronological order. The thirty episodes selected will feature companions from Jamie to Jo Grant to Sarah Jane, villains from The Master to Omega to The Rani and monsters from Daleks to Cybermen to the Ice Warriors, according to the official press bumpf.

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