Is a major villain returning to Doctor Who?

News Louisa Mellor
9 Mar 2014 - 10:38

Has Sylvester McCoy let slip that a major villain is returning to Doctor Who series 8? Potential spoilers ahead...

Warning: contains potential spoilers for a returning character in Doctor Who series eight.

The whispers about this one have been doing the fan community rounds for a while now, part hopeful wish and part rumour: is The Master returning to Doctor Who in series eight? 

Oh yes, says Sylvester McCoy, who was reported to have let the 'news' slip at a recent Newcastle Film and Comic Con panel. And what's more, says McCoy, John Simm's role has already been recast. McCoy didn't reveal who he claims would be playing The Master, save for saying that the actor is "very scary".

Our hands currently overspilling with clutched-straws, could this possibly tally with the rumour that Michael Smiley is to appear in series eight as "Colonel Blue"? Nobody who's seen Smiley's previous work with director Ben Wheatley could deny that "very scary" is well within his wheelhouse. Doctor Who TV has cited Game Of Thrones' Charles Dance as another unsubstantiated possibility.

Without wishing to cast aspersions on the honesty or accuracy of McCoy's words, it's worth saying that he's a man with a healthy sense of humour and at present all this remains firmly in the rumour category. If it were to be confirmed though, and Capaldi's Doctor is due to face The Master in series eight, we hope you'll join us in a mass geek shiver...

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