Are Doctor Who LEGO sets on the way?

News Cameron K McEwan 25 Feb 2014 - 22:39

A new post from LEGO suggests the licencing problems holding back Doctor Who LEGO sets are no more...

Two of the pillars of geekdom, both with foundations going back decades, are Doctor Who and LEGO. Yet they've never met, with the BBC giving the rights to make Doctor Who LEGO-like items to Character Options, who has, over the years, put together a very healthy smattering of choices. They have had plenty of our cash, certainly.

It's curious why LEGO and Doctor Who never joined forces, however, although we've been told by a few sources in the past that the show was never quite big enough to get LEGO to commit to it. That, or Character Options simply put together the better package.

However, with modern Doctor Who now with a global fanbase in the tens of millions, times may be changing. This is the show that can now break into the top ten at the US cinema box office, off the back of a single episode.

LEGO has, for some time, run a scheme whereby users can submit potential projects for future LEGO sets. LEGO CUUSOO is the name of said scheme, and users get to vote on potential projects. That's how the likes of the Back To The Future DeLorean came to pass, for example.

However, in the past, when users have submitted Doctor Who-themed projects to LEGO CUUSOO, they've not got past the drawing board, due to licencing issues. Now though there's been an update to the License Conflicts And Resolutions section of LEGO CUUSOO's help page, and this is the exact text:

If your project was previously turned down, archived, or deleted due to a licensing conflict that is now resolved, you may re-submit it as a new project. Supporters from past projects cannot be applied to a future project.

Resolved Past Licensing Conflicts

We now welcome projects based on the following licenses that used to have conflicts:

• Doctor Who - February 2014

Now we're not ones for speculation, but that suggests very much to us that the barriers preventing Doctor Who and LEGO from joining forces have been taken down. This hasn't been confirmed, and we will update this story with any official word from LEGO, the BBC or Character Options when we get it. But the LEGO post, we'd suggest, is fairly specific. This hints broadly that Doctor Who LEGO may be on the way.

More as we hear it.


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Really hoping this leads to a Lego Doctor Who game in 2015 featuring all Thirteen Doctors as playable characters - especially if they could get some of the original cast members to return to the fray.

Is it just me or is it amusing that the end of this article with the source hyperlink reads "More as we hear it. LEGO."?

Character Building have been doing Doctor Who for a few years now.. Not actual LEGO, but close. It'd be a shame to see them lose out, but I know LEGO can do bigger and better in comparison with the existing mini sets.

Good luck on being able to build a Tardis

That would be awesome.
Mind you, I must've spent about 48 hours solid playing LEGO Star Wars when I got that. My God, if a Doctor Who one came out I may go blind.

The way I see it, it's the only way Lego will be able to make a Lego TARDIS, and there's enough characters, worlds, and stories to merit a Lego adaptation

If you go blind you won't be able to see Sherlock LEGO. Andrew Scott in LEGO! Search LEGO SHERLOCK BBC - REICHENBACH FALL ( ROOFTOP SCENE ) on YouTube.

"It's curious why LEGO and Doctor Who never joined forces"

Not really, compared to LotR, Marvel, DC Happy Potter and Star Wars, Doctor Who has a very small global fanbase.

I'd love to see Lego Who, but if it's done, it wouldn't be a vast range. The current Tardis, Doctor and Companions maybe... Daleks made from made-for-purpose bricks (snore)... The Tardis would be cool to see, so would a Lego Ood.

Yeah Lego. Try figuring out how to design a TARDIS that is bigger on the inside!

Not really. I think the Marvel and DC ranges are quite small, certainly what's released in the UK anyway.

ok, so that needs to happen, I don't need a social life, the outside world is over-rated.

Please make this happen. Doctor Who Legos are a must.

That would be amazing! They could possibly use old dialogue if they couldnt get people back - like how Lego LotR has the voices from the actual films in it. Could be a nice way to introduce people to classic stories.

NOW he's blind

Quote "However, with modern Doctor Who now with a global fanbase in the tens of millions, times may be changing." Unquote..... Times change, and so must I...

Oh man... LEGO and TARDIS - two of my favourite words that are written in all upper-case.

I would tend to agree with your "made-for-purpose bricks" jab, except that recently a LEGO store employee told me that the company had identified their constantly-expanding range of 'moulds' (different pieces) as a problem and so now they have a fixed limit on the number they can be manufacturing at any one time, so if they want to start producing a new one, an old one has to go.

This means that there has to be a very good reason to start making a new piece, and it encourages their designers to be more creative with the pieces already available to them. Which I thought was quite cool.


So true. I'm amazed how many lazy journalists forget TARDIS is an acronym and should be in upper-case.

By pure chance I was in a Toys R Us the other day and the DW Character Options sets were half price, prompting me to buy several sets and wondering why they might be trying to flog them off. LEGO is so darn expensive though. I bought the TARDIS, Dalek and Weeping Angel sets for virtually the same price as a single LEGO Chima set...and when do you ever see LEGO on sale?

Very bad... And very endearing!! Hilarious :-)

LEGO has itself also found a new lease of life expanding into the movie business.

The out-of-control-custom-bricks criticism is really about a decade out of date. The rationalisation of pieces you refer to started in the early 2000s and was one of several strategies (licences being another) that brought Lego back from the brink.

I'm torn. It would be really cool but at the same time I feel the latest Lego Games have been a but dumbed down

It's not just laziness. Many respectable style guides allow that acronyms of 5/6 letters or more that can be pronounced as a word can acceptably be written with only one upper-case initial. Such as Unesco.
But TARDIS looks better in all-caps because rrrespect.

I came on board at the Jon Pertwee Doctor! Little old for Legos. My grandkids would love it, they're 3rd generation Whovians!

We need people like you to come up with names and stuff. Like the Studaleks.

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