Doctor Who series 8: Michael Smiley rumoured to appear

News Louisa Mellor 18 Feb 2014 - 08:02

It seems as if director Ben Wheatley has brought his old mucker Michael Smiley along to guest in Doctor Who series 8...

When the news broke that Ben Wheatley would be directing Peter Capaldi in his first Doctor Who episodes, comments sections the web over lit up with "MICHAEL SMILEY TOO pls!" requests.

Those wishes appear to have been granted. Smiley, popularly recognised for his role in Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes' Spaced, and a long-time collaborator of Wheatley's (Down Terrace, Kill ListA Field In England), is rumoured to be appearing as a character named Colonel Blue in one of the director's block one Who episodes. 

The news came from usually very reliable source, Cardiff-based Ryan Farrell via Twitter over the weekend, though it's yet to receive the official BBC stamp. We'll bring you more series eight news as it arrives.

Ryan Farrell (via Cultbox)

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Bring on the satanic cults and mushrooms...

Yes, yes, yes. My vision of Kill List with Daleks moves one step closer to reality...

I've seen him in Utopia and Black mirror. Thought he was great. I hope this is true, he could even make a brilliant master to Capaldi's Doctor.

Sounds like he's starring in Phil Fords episode. Which he said is set behind enemy lines.

Hope this is true. He was great as Tyres in Spaced-he had been a cycle courier in real life. He was also very good in the Big Finish Peter Davison story Creatures of Beauty so is acquainted with the "Whoniverse"...

I'd be happy about this if it weren't for these FFF***IN' MOOD SWINGS!!!

Colonel Blue sounds to me like a name given to a futuristic military officer who is an antagonist or even villain of sorts. I guess it is the simple last name. If he had a more common last name then I would mark him as a member of UNIT. It's a well known fact though that in the future all bad guys are named after colours.

Would love Edgar Wright to direct a Doctor Who or Joe Cornish...

Bring back the beard!

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